‘Indiana Jones’ Mini-Land Reportedly In The Works For Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As the transformation of DHS continues, this really wouldn’t be a bad idea.

At the current time, Walt Disney World has a lot of different projects happening and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is seeing the majority of it. Toy Story Land opened earlier this year and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open in late fall of 2019. There are a handful of other things happening at the park as well, but it seems that Disney may not be done as an Indiana Jones mini-land is reportedly in the works, too.

Over in the forums of WDW Magic, user “marni1971” stated that there are a lot of plans in the works for the land at DHS. The forum member, who has been right about a lot of things in the past, said that things are still being finalized but anything from an update of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show to a new theme for Star Tours is possible.

It appears, though, that there is more traction to this report than that as Orlando Weekly is saying Disney has a plan in place. They want guests to have a bigger and grander experience more than learning something, and that is why “Ride the Movies” is becoming the theme of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

With Star Wars and Toy Story already confirmed, it kind of makes sense for Disney to make another of their properties into another land.

Some may remember that last year, the rumor was that an Indiana Jones land was going to be built at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as reported by Inquisitr. Obviously, things have changed since Disney hasn’t actually decided upon anything yet, but the move ahead with DHS appears to be in the works.

WDW Theme Parks reports that the stunt show could possibly end up closing for good as has been rumored for the last decade or so. If the stunt show does go, the new Indiana Jones mini-land would take up that space and the area around it for an eight-acre location.

The land would reportedly include multiple attractions including a signature E-ticket ride of some sort. There have also been rumors for many years that an attraction like that of Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland Park or a boat-type attraction like Pirates of the Caribbean at Shanghai Disneyland.

The boat attraction, if Disney goes that way, would be a family attraction of some sort. For the thrill seekers, though, there would be an indoor roller coaster attraction likely taking guests through the Indiana Jones franchise of movies.

Making things a bit more interesting is that the report from Orlando Weekly says Disney’s plans for the new eight-acre land include Star Tours and parts of Echo Lake. Taking over Star Tours would kind of make sense as it is Star Wars themed, but it doesn’t actually connect directly to where Galaxy’s Edge is being built.

For now, this is all just a report as nothing has been officially confirmed at all. Disney hasn’t said anything regarding these changes and likely won’t until they are ready to do so or if they even do it at all.

The reports state it is looking at the Indiana Jones land as something that will come about after Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021. It won’t open until after that year, but at least within the next 10 years at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are always different reports and rumors flying around about Disney, but this is one that would truly make a lot of people very happy if it ends up happening.

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