I'm starting to no longer feel pleasure when I climax in bed with my girlfriend

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I climax, I’m getting less pleasurable sensation – and felt nothing at all the last time I had sex with my girlfriend.

I am a guy of 27. I’ve always loved sex and foreplay.

Now I’ve started suffering premature ejaculation too, but that’s always been a tendency so I know it isn’t the cause.

My partner is 28 and we have been together for five years.

There have been no major upsets or problems in my life to cause this change.

I’m really worried I may never feel pleasure in climaxing again, which would make the whole exercise pointless.

DEIDRE SAYS: You can find a lot of pleasure on the journey too – which is very important to many women.

Lack of sensation on ejaculation can be psychological or could be linked with medication or recreational drugs.

Your doctor can check physical causes.

If none can be found, my e-leaflet on Seeing A Sex Therapist explains the next step.

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