‘I’m addicted to my new married lover and we roleplay as Boris and Mrs Thatcher’

Will my sexy lover ever give up her husband and life of luxury for me?

I’m addicted to her touch. She’s all I ever yearn for and think about. But it’s now nearly three years since we started sleeping together and she’s no closer to telling him “Goodbye” than on the day we met.

She complains he’s the most boring man alive. Apparently, he’s inflexible, uptight and hopeless in bed.

His idea of a good night is a cup of cocoa and vanilla sex.

She claims she frequently checks her phone or even falls asleep during the act.

Things are very different between us. She calls me her Flying Scotsman because I’m big and powerful and can go all night.

She frequently tells him she’s going to a spa with the girls and whisks me off to the best hotels around the country.

We tie each other up, we role-play as famous people: I do a brilliant bumbling, randy Boris, while she’s terrifying as Lady Thatcher – all leather paddles and fluffy handcuffs.

There are absolutely no limits. If you imagine it, then we’ve done it. But she never stays the night at my flat because she says it’s too grotty and small. Surely, if she genuinely loved me, she wouldn’t care about things like that?

I have to accept that the main thing her husband has over me is money. He’s loaded – I scrape by.

She swears she wants to be with me and that I need to be patient, but how long must I wait?

JANE SAYS: It’s horrible when we realise people aren’t genuine and are using us.

I get it that you have some fantastic times with your lively lover. But nothing is real. Everything is conducted at her convenience.

I’m sure she thoroughly enjoys the dirty weekends away just as much as you do.

But once you’ve packed your bags and checked out, she wastes no time in getting back to her lovely house and mod cons.

You’re right, if she genuinely loved and cared for you, she’d happily live in a tent. As it is, she’s only interested in the thrills and attention.

In answer to your question, I have to conclude that, no, she isn’t prepared to give up her life of luxury for you
because she’s too comfortable and has too much to lose.

Even if she divorces her “boring” husband and takes a slice of his wealth, then she’ll still see a reduction in her living standards.

I feel you have tough decisions to make. It would be easy to carry on as you are, but what about your self-respect?

While you’re with her, you’re not meeting available individuals, people you could start a proper, loving relationship with. Give yourself a break and think about what’s best for you.

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