I'm a full-time mum who keeps the money my husband pays for a cleaner

I’m a full-time mother and my husband has no idea I keep the $250 he gives me to pay for a cleaner every month

  • US TikTok creator Brianna was called a ‘genius’ for the monthly ploy she uses
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A stay-at-home mother has revealed how she sneakily pockets cash from her husband every month – with some branding the ruse ‘genius’.  

Brianna, a US-based TikTok creator who is known as @themamabrianna on the platform, revealed the ploy in a clip she shared with her 26,400 followers.

And it prompted some social media users to brand the video, which has so far garnered a staggering 7.6million views, to comment on how important the information could be.

While Brianna presented the information in a tongue-in-cheek way, the video also had a more serious angle – that some people need to create a secret stash of money in case the need to escape abusive relationships. 

Her video was captioned ‘anyone got an expensive hobby recommendation?’, but she also shared useful information for those in dangerous relationships who may need help.

TikTok creator Brianna (pictured) shared an important message for people in abusive relationships in a recent video on the platform

The clip features footage of herself cleaning the home, with words superimposed on the screen.

The words read: ‘On the first of every month $250 comes out of my husband’s bank account.

‘It’s for our house cleaner. The house gets deep cleaned on the first every month.

‘I asked for a house cleaner years ago, when I was pregnant and vomiting 10 times a day while also caring for our one-year-old.

‘At the time, my husband said it wasn’t in our budget.’

As the footage of Brianna continues, the words onscreen read: ‘But a few months ago, he asked if I still wanted to have a regular house cleaner. Obviously, I said yes.

‘I told him I’d get it all set up, and that I just needed $250 cash monthly to pay her.’

However, she goes on to admit, not everything has been as it seems. The video continues: ‘So he’s been getting $250 in cash for me every month to pay the house cleaner.’ 

Brianna (pictured) shared a link with information for those struggling in abusive relationships, in a bid to help them get out

But, Brianna admits: ‘What he doesn’t know is that I’m the one who’s been deep cleaning the house on the 1st of every month. I’ve just been pocketing the cash.

‘I think I’ll use that cash to find myself a new, expensive hobby. My husband doesn’t seem to mind those.’

The video ended with a serious message superimposed on the screen, for those who may be struggling in their relationships.

It says: ‘If you feel the need to hide money from your partner in order to plan your escape, check the resource in bio.’

The resource she references in her bio is a link to The Hotline. This is a domestic violence support network that provides 24/7 tools and support for those trying to escape abuse.

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