‘I’m 22 and my boyfriend is 57, people say I want his money but we’re in love’

A couple with a 35-year age gap has hit back at the trolls and opened up to show their blossoming relationship on social media.

Brightnye Quayle, 22, met her 57-year-old boyfriend, James, on a night out at a casino and the two have been dating for 14 months now.

The young model and diving instructor, from New Zealand, said she was always mistaken for James' daughter and some viewers accused her of only getting into the relationship "for the money".

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The pair started to gain a mass following on social media when they shared their sweet moments in short videos.

In one clip, Brightnye addressed the age-gap issue and said: "Yeah we have a big gap in our relationship but it's only 35 years.

"And he looks 29 and I'm 22."

Haters suggested Brightnye do an eye test, with one saying: "If you think he looks 29, you need spectacles quick smart…or is it he looks like 29 millions? He must have serious cash."

"He is old enough to be your grandpa," another wrote and a third said she has "daddy issues".

Brightnye responded to the comments and made a video in which she was sitting on James' lap.

She touches her glasses and looks at her boyfriend and said: "Yep, not 29. 28!"

She also detailed how they met that night at the casino.

"We actually met totally organically at the casino," the model said. "I was the girl who bought nine sandwiches because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

"He [James] came up behind me and said that I should come talk to him, so I did."

James chimed in: "I thought anyone who is buying nine sandwiches was either starving to death or needed to be spoken to."

He also said not all four of his daughters approve of his new relationship.

"Two of them are okay, one is sitting on the fence and the other one would like to murder you with a pitchfork, which isn't very nice," he added.

"But we don't mind, we're in love."


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