Ideal eyebrow shape to look ‘more youthful’ or risk the ‘impression of ageing’

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There are a few ways to transform the face and knock a few years off your age, by altering certain features. One area that can show signs of ageing is the eyes, and the eyebrows frame the face. spoke to Dr. Jason Champagne, an award-winning Aesthetic Facial Plastic & Hair Restoration Surgeon with a cosmetic practice in Beverly Hills, California, about current eyebrow trends, and how the shape of your eyebrow can either create a “youthful appearance” or “give the impression of ageing”. 

Dr. Champagne is a highly sought-after practitioner, one of the reasons for this is because of his Champagne Brows® procedure. 

He told how “the eyebrow transplant surgery has been performed on numerous celebrities, such as Chrissy Teigen and Meagan Good to name a few”, and is popular due to Dr. Champagne’s “artistic and meticulous touch”.

This is precisely why so many patients have chosen Dr. Champagne to give them what has become known as “Champagne Brows®”. 

Being an expert in eyebrows, Dr. Champagne revealed what the current trends are. 

“Currently, the most popular eyebrow trend is a full, natural brow, and I believe it is here to stay for awhile,” he explained. 

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“My patients are still requesting a return to a natural-looking brow from the over-tweezed look of the past.” 

But what is the most flattering eyebrow shape and style? 

Dr. Champagne said: “Everyone’s facial structure is unique, and no one eyebrow shape is perfect for everyone.

“The proper eyebrow shape for your individual facial structure can instantly frame your eyes and set the balance for the rest of your face. 

“Most importantly, in order to keep your eyes looking refreshed and awake, the tail of your brow (the part that tapers at the side of your face) should end at a height above that of the beginning of your brow (near your nose).” 

In general, though, brows should begin, arch and end at three specific points: 

1. The inner side of your brow should align vertically with the dorsum of your nose. 

2. The peak of your brow above the arch should fall in line with the outside of the iris of your eye. 

3. The outer edge or tail of your brow should end at a 45 degree angle from the side of your nostril.

So how can someone look younger just by changing their eyebrows? 

Dr Champagne explained: “Full eyebrows always give the impression of youth, and on the opposite end of that is a thin, over-tweezed brow that exposes the brow bone. 

“An exposed, prominent brow bone at the upper, outer corner of the eye will always give the impression of ageing. 

“Having brow hair that covers the brow bone softens the look of the upper third of the face and always appears more youthful.” 

Dr Champagne also spoke about a brow lift, and what results can be achieved. 

“A brow lift is a surgical procedure that reverses the appearance of ageing in the upper third of the face by lifting the brow upward and outward,” he said. 

“The face tends to age starting from the top travelling downward typically causing lines across the forehead and between the eyes to deepen. 

“As skin and soft tissues lose elasticity, the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes also shortens. 

“In many cases, the brow, that part of the forehead including the eyebrows and just above them, can cause or add to the tired appearance around the eyes as we age. 

“A brow lift may be the perfect solution for you if you have deep lines across your forehead or between your eyes or if you have a heavy, drooping appearance to your forehead. 

“Also known as forehead rejuvenation, a brow lift will open up the area around the eyes and allow for a more well-rested, brightened and pleasing appearance by softening facial lines and raising the eyebrows. 

“Performing a brow lift through the most advanced, minimally invasive technique using small instruments and cameras, I can provide you with a more rested, youthful appearance with minimal recovery time,” Dr Champagne commented. 

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