I was shamed for wearing a sports bra to the supermarket

A woman told me to cover up after I wore an ‘inappropriate’ sports bra to the supermarket – but she’s just bitter

  • Influencer Dasha shared a video of herself in a store wearing revealing two-piece
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A lifestyle influencer who was told by another woman that her athleisure outfit was ‘inappropriate’ has clapped back with an amusing video. 

Dasha (@itsnotdasha), from Perth, shared the video to her 70,000 TikTok followers. 

In the video, the blonde recorded herself strutting down an aisle of a store carrying a basket while grocery shopping. 

Dasha showed off her cleavage and cinched waist while modelling a matching grey activewear set consisting of a sports bra and leggings. 

She said in the video that she intentionally selected the outfit to go to the store after previously being ‘told by a Karen to cover up’. 

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Influencer Dasha shows off her cleavage and waist in a sports bra after being shamed for wearing one in public by another woman

‘POV: me at the supermarket purposely wearing activewear that a Karen told me is too inappropriate and I should cover up,’ she stated. 

The influencer smiled confidently as she added: ‘Stay bitter Kezza!’ 

Dasha included the hashtag #hotgirlwalk – confirming that she hasn’t let the woman’s approach bring her down. 

People praised Dasha in the comments for taking control of being shamed and shared their own opinions on her outfit.

One commenter said: ‘Never give in to the haters who are putting people down for their unhealthy state of mind.’

A fellow user added: ‘And it’s driven by bitterness because you’re so stunning.’

And a third joked: ‘Karen is just jealous no one is looking at her.’

The blonde bombshell struts down the aisle of a grocery store while showing off the two-piece activewear set 

Fans of the influencer flocked to the comments to share their support – and distaste for the ‘bitter’ woman who is ‘jealous’ over how the blonde was dressed

The incident is not the first or last time a young woman has been publicly shamed for her choice of clothing.

In November 2022, another influencer claimed she was ‘body shamed’ by Disneyland staff who berated her for ‘breaking the dress code’ – by wearing a crop top and leggings. 

Laci Kay Somers, 30, from San Francisco, uploaded a video to Tiktok in which she showed off her outfit at the Florida theme park. 

The online sensation, boasting 12.2 million followers of Instagram and 793,000 on Tiktok, twirled for the camera in a bid to prove that her attire was appropriate for the family-friendly adventure park. 

Somers showcased an all-black ensemble of a baseball cap, sports bra, crossbody bag, leggings and trainers. 

The influencer appears confused as she asked ‘What I do?’ while showing off her all-black ensemble at the Florida theme park

The footage, which was emblazoned with the words ‘I got hit for dress code at Disneyland’, has been viewed 55,000 times and has almost 5,000 comments.

In response to being warned, she confusingly asked ‘What I do tho?’ and added ‘I got hit for dress code at Disneyland #bodyshaming’.

Disneyland’s dress code bans clothing which ‘exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.’

Disney have made it clear that customers should wear ‘proper attire’ at ‘all times’ including appropriate ‘shoes and shirts.’

The website added: ‘We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.’

One user commented: ‘All you did was look perfect.’ 

Agreeing with their fellow commenters, another wrote: ‘I feel like I’ve seen girls wearing less there, that’s odd. They’re just hatin!’

Another commenter stated: ‘Just cause you look hot in it, smh ain’t the way it goes though, haters.’

However, one person disagreed with the influencer’s outfit of choice and wrote: ‘Buy a shirt, there is a dress code.. follow it or leave.’

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