I suspect hubby's cheating after I heard a woman ask him for a present

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband and I were flying back from a week’s break in the sun when his phone rang at the airport. I heard a woman’s voice say: “Don’t forget to buy me something.”

I challenged him over it and he insisted it was just a colleague, saying: “Don’t forget to come to the meeting.”

At home, I went through his carry-on bag and found two bottles of perfume.

When I asked who they were for, he said one was for his mum and the other was a surprise for me. He handed it over but never buys me things like that.

I reckon it was meant for this other woman.

We are in our late thirties and this is eating away at me. Is he having an affair? He insists he’s never cheated.

DEIDRE SAYS: Playing detective solves nothing. Instead, focus on how your relationship is when you are together – the day-to-day at home, not just holidays.

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