I revamped my tired kitchen for just £300 using B&Q and The Range buys

I revamped my tired old kitchen for just £300 using bargains from B&Q and The Range – it saved me thousands and looks amazing

  • Petra Hindle, 54, spent three days and only £300 on the project 
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A thrifty woman has revealed how she revamped her ‘tired’ kitchen for only £300 using bargains from B&Q and The Range. 

Petra Hindle, 54, from Norfolk, first decided to overhaul the room after bagging a £10 dupe of a designer tap she’d had her eye on from eBay.

After kitting herself out with a new sink set-up earlier this year, the mother-of-three said the rest of the room looking a bit run-down in comparison. 

Speaking to Latest Deals, Petra explained: ‘I began wondering how I could get it to look brighter. 

‘I came across some photos on Facebook groups where people had been painting their furniture and thought I’d give it a try.’

Pictured: Petra’s ‘tired’ kitchen before she decided to revamp the area. The mother-of-three got her landlord’s approval before doing anything

Pictured: Petra’s kitchen after the three day transformation. The mother-of-three painted the cabinets using a Rust-Oleum shade which cost £20

The couple – who live in a rented property – previously had light green cupboards and dark grey fake granite worktop.

After checking with their landlord, Petra got the go-ahead for her transformation and started trying to find supplies as cheaply as possible. 

In an attempt to keep costs low, the thrifty mother snapped up some Rust-Oleum paint in the shade ‘Blueprint’ from The Range – costing £20.

To cover the splashback, she then also purchased some white stick-on tiles from Amazon – which were £26.80 for a 10-pack. 

What’s more, she also bought some £7.50 white wood-effect self-adhesive film from B&Q which she used on the surfaces.

But before she got get stuck into the DIY jobs, Petra had to do a deep-clean cupboards and sand them down. 

She explained: ‘I used good old fashioned elbow grease to get the cupboards sparkling, then gave them a little sand down to prepare them for the paint. 

‘I applied two coats of paint, and it looks amazing – I love the matte look.’ 

Petra (pictured) is delighted by how well the room came together and only spent three days on the project

Petra says the trickiest part of the project was laying the self-adhesive vinyl as air bubbles can form under the surface

Left: Petra’s revamped kitchen has been painted in a deep blue Rust-Oleum shade. Right: the the broom cupboard Petra’s husband made

One of the trickier parts of the transformation was trying to get vinyl on her kitchen surfaces smooth.

She explained: ‘This was fiddly as you have to avoid creating bubbles and go back to redo it if this issue occurs. Then I applied the stick on tiles. 

‘Overall, the hardest part was the cleaning – everything else was easy.’ 

While Petra was doing this, her husband was also creating a broom cupboard to give her some extra storage – which she painted in the same shade of dark blue.

She explained: ‘All in all the supplies were £300, which is very cheap considering a new kitchen in this format would easily cost £5,000.’ 

In total, Petra spent three days on the project and is delighted by how well it turned out.  

‘This was my first DIY job and I’m really pleased with the result,’ she said. ‘I would love to transform our oak furniture, but my husband is definitely not keen on the idea.’

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