‘I love my cats and am addicted to eating their fur but it’s not sexual at all’

A serious cat lady who loves eating cat fur claimed her addiction is nothing sexual for me.

Lisa was featured on TLC's programme My Strange Addiction 10 years ago and was warned of the danger of consuming cat hair.

A doctor then said the problem could lead her to developing an ulcer or a rupture in stomach.

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Now a decade later, Lisa returned to the programme to share her life updates.

"I'm still addicted to eating cat hair, the biggest change is 10 years ago, I just had one cat," she said on the programme.

"Now I have five cats.

"I guess my favourite texture of fur is very cottony and once it gets wet and you chew it up, it's very felty.

"The texture is what it is."

With five black and white felines in the house, Lisa confessed that there's no time for her to do anything after grooming and she barely gets enough sleep.

She said: "I know everybody knows I'm a crazy f***ing cat lady — I'm in my 50s, I don't have any children.

"I never wanted any children, these are my babies.

"If I was a mama cat, I would clean them just like that. This is not sexual for me at all, not at all."

But she does have rules when it comes to grooming.

"I don't lick their butts, I don't lick their genitals. I don't even lick the bottom of their paws because gross, they're in the litter box and I know they're gross."

Despite people have been telling her that it's bad and horrible, it's not stop Lisa licking the cats or eating cat fur.

Viewers were shocked and felt bad for the cats.

"I wonder if she knows she can get worms fi she accidentally eats a flee," one expressed.

Another wrote: "This is nuts! She is gonna end up with an intestinal blockage or disease."

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