‘I love flaunting curves in tight clothes – my 44HH boobs are my best assets’

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  • A plus-size model said she loves showing off her curves in tight clothes and she's not afraid to flaunt her 44H-size boobs.

    Olivia Messina, 27, from Toronto, Canada, boasts over 300,000 Instagram followers due to her body positive approach to life.

    She's been a full-time content creator since 2020, but started her online career years before that when she spent time filming make-up tutorials.

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    It wasn't long before she ventured into plus-size fashion where she uploaded try-on hauls and made vlogs about her life as a grad student.

    After having no luck securing a job that matched her educational credentials, she decided to put her all into social media and her audience continued to grow.

    Olivia graduated with a Masters Degree and was working as a customer service agent in the beauty industry until the pandemic hit – at this point she was forced to figure out how to make money from home.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Olivia said: "I ended up making a Patreon and an OnlyFans account and I finally became financially stable – paying off all my debt and able to support myself despite the rising cost of living in my city.

    "I quit my day job and became fully immersed in social media – growing my TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Patreon and OnlyFans and I have zero regrets about it.

    "I have always struggled with my body image growing up as I was constantly reminded of how fat I was.

    "I hated my fatness because of how others made me feel about it.

    "The images I was shown through media that praised skinny bodies while demoralising fat ones made me dislike my fat body.

    "I was known as the fat friend and a lot of guys in my age group rejected me and went for the skinny girls in my grade.

    "I was called bad names by boys mostly, but also family members would point out my weight at every family occasion."

    Despite all of this, Olivia remained loud and witty as – in her own words – she "knew deep down she was better looking than all of them".

    She was confident she could do her hair and make-up well, and she ensured she always looked "fierce" to prevent people from commenting on her looks.

    It was her sense of humour that got her through the issues with her body, and Olivia said this helped build confidence within her, as she knew she was a "bad b***h" regardless of her weight.

    "I realised that being fat was not the worst thing I could be and I had a lot to offer the world," added Olivia.

    "The secret to my confident glow is water, good skincare, carbs and a IDGAF positive attitude.

    "I love wearing dresses that hug my curves and show off my best assets, which I think are my 44H-sized chest and my long shapely legs.

    "For a more casual outing, nothing makes me happier than wearing an athleisure set with a supportive sports bra and high-waisted yoga leggings to show off my apple-bottom.

    "I used to hate wearing jeans, but now I love wearing them with a crop top.

    "And for swimwear, it’s bikinis all the way!"

    Olivia thinks it's really important that people realise fashion is for everyone regardless of their size.

    She said people are often made to feel like they can't wear certain things just because it doesn't look "flattering".

    The content creator concluded: "Even some brands refuse to extend their sizes beyond an XL as they do not think fat people deserve to look fashionable.

    "To hell with all of that!

    "We want size inclusive brands which sell sexy, shapely, and trendy outfits for us plus size kings and queens that are looking for some more style in our wardrobes."

    She's known as Olivia's World on Instagram.


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