‘I look so young that I get asked for ID buying Night Nurse – it’s a compliment’

Night Nurse is used for relieving symptoms of colds, chills and flus.

In the UK, the medication is suitable for adults and teenagers aged 16 or above.

Now one woman has claimed she was asked to show her ID when buying the night-time relief.

Clare Smith, 42, simply couldn't believe it when she was asked for her age at her local Boots store.

Sharing the situation on TikTok, she said: "Just been on a walk and I went via Boots because I needed to get some Night Nurse.

"Well, I got the Night Nurse and she said, 'How old are you please?' I went, 'I'm 42'.

"And she said, 'Oh please just take it as a compliment – I thought you were about 18 or under, I'm so sorry'."

Clare told the shop assistant that she's "definitely quite a few years older than 18", but thanked her for the comment.

She smiled: "I get it all the time, all the time. But it's a good thing I guess."

In a clip to her TikTok fans, she wrote on the video: "I will take it as a compliment lol."

Over in the comments section, viewers were quick to compliment Clare on her youthful looks.

One said: "42 no way! Thought you was in your late twenties."

Another viewer added: "Great compliment and she is right you certainly don't look your age lovely."

A third praised: "Holy s**t you're 42? I thought maybe 30."

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