‘I joined OnlyFans after I quit my minimum wage job – I’m now financially free’

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OnlyFans model Claudia Sentinella has revealed that the saucy platform has allowed her to bin her minimum wage job and become “financially free".

After struggling money wise for years, 25-year-old Claudia never thought she would be able to become financially independent.

The Croatian model would work 12 hour shifts, but with low-pay she still struggled to get by.

Strapped for cash after finishing her make-up college course during the pandemic, Claudia found herself out of options come winter.

And coming from a “poor” family, Claudia felt like she could not turn to them for help.

So, Claudia paired her love of “eroticism” and desperate need for money as a reason to open an OnlyFans account.

Speaking exclusively with Daily Star, Claudia revealed how she lives comfortably off of the income she makes from her X-rated snaps.

She said: “Life after opening my OnlyFans profile has changed a lot for the better for me, I have become financially free and more independent, I was surprised at how well the business is going and I still enjoy that job.

“I live more relaxed, I can afford a lot more than before. I don't want to say publicly how much I've earned so far, I'm in the top 10% of creators on Only fans at the moment.”

However, Claudia’s life never used to be so plain sailing.

After struggling with bullies at school and living in cramped living conditions, Claudia wanted to find a way out.

She continued: “Due to psychological abuse and the fact that I didn't have my own room to rest, I became more rebellious and I changed.”

“It gave me self-confidence and a strong attitude, what doesn't kill you strengthens you.

“I no longer felt ashamed of things such as being naked on the internet.”

Claudia continued: “Out of some kind of revenge I started doing this on OnlyFans, revenge for a bad life.

“I came up with the idea (to join OnlyFans) myself because I love everything related to eroticism, fashion, beauty, that's where I found myself.”

And due to her love of eroticism and being able to forge a better life, Claudia does not see herself quitting OnlyFans anytime soon.

“If someone asked me where you see yourself in 10-15 years, I would say that I would do the same thing as now, and my wish in general is to live a free life without difficulties and obstacles.

“Part of the family with whom I get along well supports me and a friend as well, they know that I was in a worse situation with money before and they are glad that I managed.”

Previously, Claudia told Daily Star that men prefer natural women and thanks her good genes as to why she has done so well on the app.

She concluded: "I have curves that men like and they like that I am natural. I think they think so because of this kind of build and body that I have. It is a rarity on the OnlyFans platform.

“I did not (have) cosmetic surgery or minor corrections. I inherited good genes.”

You can follow Claudia on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

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