‘I got naked cleaning job to earn extra cash – then university teacher hired me’

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A woman took up a job as a naked cleaner in a bid to make some extra cash – but never expected to be hired by anyone she knows.

The student was horrified when her university lecturer booked her to clean his home in the buff.

And she’s now worried it may be having a negative impact on her eduction.

The anonymous lass took to Reddit for advice on the awkward situation, writing: "I had to go into school a few days ago along with some classmates and we ran into him.

“He was awkward, uncomfortable, wouldn't look me in the eye, and refused to even directly address me.

"We ran into him again later that day and it was the same, if not worse that time.”

The student continued: "We also had some classes at the end of last academic year, after the mix-up where I ended up at his place, and I was similarly ignored, though I attributed this at the time to the online format of the classes.

"This would just be one of those things, except I have classes with him all next year, as well as private meetings with him to discuss my studies.

"These have to be done with him, are compulsory, and can affect my grade. While I know that I can act professionally, I am concerned that he cannot, as it has been several months and he is still not past it.

"I am putting a lot of time and money into this, and if this is indicative of how he will act for the remainder of it, I feel I will not get what I paid for and that my grade will suffer."

According to the Mirror, commenters were quick to offer their advice online.

One commenter said: "I hope he doesn’t think less of you, he might just be very embarrassed."

A second advised: "I definitely would not bring this up to anyone unless you absolutely have to or if he’s done something you think is wrong.

"It sounds like you know he did nothing wrong. He’s obviously very scared you will say something and that he could lose his job. I would definitely try to talk to him first if you’re comfortable with that just to reassure him that he’s ok."

And a third added: "God, that sounds horrible. I'm sorry that happened. Is it possible to try to corner him during office hours and apologise and explain the mistake again?

"Trying to smooth things over is really all I could think would help, especially since you have to maintain a relationship with this guy."

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