‘I got a mum haircut after having baby – it’s not glam but it was game-changer’

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    Ever since I was young, I've always loved long hair.

    I remember sitting in front of the TV with my friends and watching music videos on MTV – with us idolising the likes of J-Lo and Mariah Carey.

    And one thing I always noticed is that they always had glam, long locks.

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    My hair had always been long – but it wasn't exactly stylish, with my mum just cutting the ends and never letting me go to the hairdressers.

    However, when I was old enough to take charge, the first thing I did was take a snap of Jenny from the block and try and get some feathers and layers to match the pop queen.

    From then on, I was always told my hair was my 'thing' – with many saying it was one of my best assets.

    Never wearing it up, I loved to flaunt my tresses at any given opportunity – trying out tons of different styles, from poker straight, to curled and crimped.

    However, this has all changed recently due to one big milestone – becoming a mum.

    Instead of being an asset, my long locks became a bit of a hindrance, seeing as my little boy just loves to yank whatever he can get his hands on.

    This means my formerly free-flowing locks have been locked up in a boring bun or ponytail for the last year – hardly escaping their hair bobble prison and seeing the light of day.

    Of course, I've had the odd night out, where I've been able to let my hair down (literally), however, it's very far and few between.

    That's why I recently made a big life decision, and opted to go for the chop once and for all.

    Yes, I got myself a mum haircut.

    Like many mums before me, and no doubt after me, I got my tresses cut to shoulder-length to make it easier for me to tie up when dealing with my son.

    To be fair, it's actually short enough to be able to keep it down most of the time, without him grabbing at it every two seconds, which means I can at least style my hair before I leave the house these days.

    This has, in fact, made me look a tad more glam when out with my little cherub, as it's not shoved up in a messy bun.

    However, I do miss my long, flowing tresses when I glam up – as it just doesn't feel the same for me with shorter hair.

    With me working from home, I hardly have to bother with my locks on the daily, although I did make the long trek to the office the other day – leaving the house at 6:20am to get there.

    And I actually found it more high-maintenance to have shorter locks, as it needs more styling to look good, rather than just falling into natural curls like my long hair did.

    However, in my day-to-day life, my shorter, less heavy hair is definitely a benefit.

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    I was worried what my partner would say about my new locks too, as he's only ever seen me with my long, flowing tresses. However, being a man, he really doesn't care that much to be honest.

    So all in all, the mum cut is a success, and I just have to realise this time of my life is all about convenience rather than looking top notch.

    Of course, my youngster will get older soon, and will probably stop grabbing my hair, which means I can grow it out again.

    However, who knows… I may have embraced my mum look by then – we'll just have to wait and see.

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