I found my husband naked with my sister – I feel utterly betrayed | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THE two people I’m closest to in the world have done the dirty on me.

I’ve just discovered that my husband is cheating on me with my own sister.

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It’s such a huge shock, I’m feeling totally humiliated and can’t get myself out of bed.

I’m 37 and have been married to my husband, who is 39, for nine years. We have a son aged six.

My sister is two years younger than me, and I have always seen her as my best friend.

After I had a difficult birth, I stopped enjoying sex with my husband.

In the end it became a chore and we stopped altogether.

We’ve now been celibate for three years.

He assured me that it wasn’t a problem, saying he wasn’t a teenager any more, and that he didn’t need it.

He was clearly lying. My sister knows all about our sex life — or lack of it — because I confided in her.

She is single, and has been for years. She told me she had sworn off men after her ex cheated on her.

Then by sheer accident I found out they were sleeping together. My husband works away a lot and said he had a business trip.

Hours after he went, our oven packed up.

I needed to make a cake for a bake sale at my son’s school, so I called my sister to ask if I could use hers, but she didn’t pick up.

So I drove to her house and when she didn’t answer, I let myself in using my spare key.

But in the kitchen, I heard footsteps and voices from above, then my husband came down the stairs — totally naked.

I screamed in shock and he froze. Then my sister rushed down too, wearing just a robe.

It was obvious they’d just had sex. Neither of them could think of a reasonable explanation.

Hysterical, I ran out of the house, with my sister chasing after me, saying sorry.

I haven’t spoken to her since, and I’ve told my husband to pack his bags.

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I feel utterly betrayed and alone, with nobody to turn to.

How can I ever get over this?

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s the ultimate betrayal and must be unbearably painful.

I know you don’t want to talk to either of them, understandably, but sooner or later you need to, when you’re ready, for your own sake and your son’s.

You need to understand how this happened and express your anger and pain, or it will overwhelm you.

Take your time to decide what you want to do with them both – whether you want to repair those relationships or need a clean break.

Talking to a counsellor will help, and my support pack about this tells you more, while my pack, Cheating, Can You Get Over It? will help too.

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If your husband wasn’t happy with your sexless relationship, he should have been honest with you.

But for now, you need to find a way forward, for your son’s sake.

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