I feel like my daughter got pregnant just to spite me

DEAR DEIDRE: I THINK my teenage daughter got pregnant just to spite me.

I’m a 53-year-old single mum. My daughters are 21 and 17.

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I’m so proud of my eldest. She’s at university and doing really well for herself.

But my youngest has dropped out of college and is always partying. She’s throwing her life away, drinking and smoking.

We can’t even talk to each other without having a screaming match.

She says I compare her to her sister, and that I’m a bad mum even after all the sacrifices I’ve made for her.

Last week she told me she was pregnant. I couldn’t believe she could be so stupid. I told her she had to get an abortion if she wants to live under my roof.

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So she packed her bags to live with her 25-year-old boyfriend in his dirty council flat.

I love my daughter and want what’s best for her. Why can’t she see that?

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s understandable you’re concerned about her life choices after you’ve worked so hard bringing her up.

But she’s not her sister, she’s her own person. It’s her body and her life.

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I’d encourage you to reach out to her, as soon as you can. Try listening to and supporting her rather than telling her what to do. Otherwise, you risk losing her for ever.

I’m attaching my support pack Unplanned Pregnancy to help you both get through this.

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