‘I do the school run in my dressing gown – trolls call me a bad parent’

A woman has caused a heated debate on TikTok after she revealed she does the school run in her dressing gown, with make-up on from the night before.

Paige Reynolds shares her brutally honest stories about her approach to parenting in videos she shares with her 20,000 followers.

But some trolls have taken offence and even branded her a 'bad parent' – but she doesn't seem to be fazed about the response as she told them to report her if that's what they think.

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In one video, the busy mum filmed herself dancing happily in pyjamas and a messy bun, with the caption: “Me knowing I’ll be the mum on the school run in last night’s make-up, wearing my dressing gown.”

However, some parents took the video a bit too seriously, as one commented: “Being a bad parent isn’t the flex you think it is.”

To which, Paige responded in another video, telling followers: “If that makes me a bad parent, someone call social services.”

She added: “I always look like I’ve been hit by someone or something.”

However, not everyone disapproves of Paige’s school-run attire as some mums came to her defence, sharing their own experiences of the morning rush.

One supportive parent said: “Mate, I’m completely unrecognisable on the school run.”

Another stated: “Don’t worry you will not be the first or last to do it.”

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A third wrote: "Nobody judges other parents in the playground."

Last year, parents were seen dropping their children to Ayresome Primary School in Teesside dressed in Disney pyjamas just days after a headteacher begged them to smarten up around the establishment.

The headteacher of Ayresome Primary School, Charlotte Haylock, insisted that the "vast majority" of parents supported the school's stance on dress code.

However, just days later, one mother was spotted turning up to the school in Mickey Mouse pyjamas.


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