‘I bawl my eyes out after seeing the tattoos fell out of my skin after a day’

A woman urged tattoo fans "not to cheat on their artist" as she shared her fine line inking fail.

Lauren, from Massachusetts, US, came across a tattoo artist specialising in fine line and small inkings on social media and thought of getting three cute basic designs on her body.

But it turned to be a complete disaster and she ran home crying.

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"I want 'rivers and roads' on my arm, three stars behind my ear and then 'everything with love' on my hip," she explained.

"But these tattoos were so bad I bawled my eyes out the entire drive home. I didn't even realise and see them until they were done."

Showing the tattoo on her arm, she couldn't stop wheezing in laughter when she looked at the wonky letters.

Then she continued: "She then immediately started working on my hip – it is not even legible, the 'with' is so unbelievably bad.

"The next day there were literal letters missing. The letter 'Y' started falling out of my skin."

Lauren then realised the tattoo artist was rushing to finish her job and her third and final tattoo was a total flop.

She gave her a mock-up picture of the three stars but it ended up nothing looking similar.

"On my way home, I immediately went to my regular tattoo artist and showed them all the tattoos crying and they were like 'Holy, Oh my God'."

Lauren ended up scrubbing off the tattoos using salt and oil before fixing the inkings.

She thanked her tattoo artist for doing a great job at it and shared some updated photos of the tattoos.

Viewers shared their thoughts and said Lauren's tattoo artist "saved" her life.

"This is why I'm afriad to cheat on my tattoo artist, I cannot," one said.

A second penned: "This is a sign because I moved and was thinking of finding a new artist but to be honest, I will just drive 7 hours and visit my parents while I'm there."

Others were keen to know her regular tattoo artist, with one adding: "Your original artist killed it with the coverups.

"They look genuinely good. Glad he was able to fix them!"


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