I am mum to identical twin boys and I can't tell them apart

I am mum to identical twin boys and I have no idea how to tell them apart – what do I do?

  • Mum admits she struggles to tell her twins apart
  • One used to be smaller than the other but grew 

A mum-of-four has shared her struggle to tell her newborn identical twin boys apart.

Onya, known as Onya Wishlist online, admitted she would often get her two-week-old sons mixed up despite giving them different coloured socks to identify who was who. 

The 30-year-old said one twin was much smaller than the other when they were born but have grown to be the same size meaning they are almost impossible to differentiate. 

‘I do not know y’all apart today. Who’s who? Who are you? What’s your name?’ Onya joked in an adorable online video as she pointed to one twin. 

Millions thought the parenting fail was hysterical and shared their own tried-and-tested tricks for telling identical twins apart. 

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Mum-of-four Onya (left) has left thousands in stitches after admitting she would struggle to tell her two-week-old identical twins apart

Onya, from the US, confessed she was confused about which twin was which after forgetting which coloured socks she assigned to the brothers. 

‘You got on different socks so I tried that this morning and I forgot who’s who because you guys look just alike,’ she said.

The mum said she was able to tell them apart easily when they were first born as one twin was much smaller than the other. 

‘Before one of you guys were a lot smaller than the other now whoever was smaller caught up and I don’t know who’s who,’ she said.  

Onya added she was ‘usually on point’ when telling the boys apart but it’s getting harder the older they get pointing out they have no moles or birthmarks yet. 

‘It’s time to get some little bracelets or something to go over your ankles, a tag, something,’ she added. 

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More than 9.7million users viewed Onya’s videos as she asked for advice from fellow parents of identical twins. 

‘I wonder how many twins are walking around being called the wrong name because they had forgotten who’s who,’ one woman laughed.  

‘I get my kids mixed up, they’re seven years apart, all three of them, I don’t know how mamas of twins or triplets do it,’ a second admitted.

‘New fear unlocked,’ one viewer said before Onya added that the twins’ dad had eventually helped her figure out who was who. 

Others shared their own tips and tricks for helping the mum identify her twins. 

‘I’m an identical twin myself and my mum would put our initials on our clothes or choose a specific colour for each of us and write down who’s in what,’ one woman explained. 

‘I am cracking up, time to buy some jewellery mum,’ another said. 

‘Usually a little polish on one nail does the trick – usually a toe,’ suggested a third. 

‘Put a henna tattoo on the bottom of their feet, it’ll last for a couple weeks, and you can just reapply!’ someone else recommended.

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