How to keep dogs cool during a heatwave: Celebrity vet shares six tips

Temperatures will soar up to 37C this week as the UK experiences a heatwave.

While it could be tempting to lie out and bake in the sun, there are some creatures we need to spare an extra thought for.

Warm weather can be especially uncomfortable for dogs.

And in worse case scenarios it could lead to overheating and heatstroke.

PitPat ambassador and celebrity vet, Rory Cowlam, has shared six great tips on how to keep your dog cool during a heatwave.

5. Ban the car

One of Rory’s most important warnings is not to take your dog in the car.

He said: “I have sat in a car in the heat before and it gets super hot, super quick.

“Dogs are rubbish at cooling themselves down and they really can die from this. Be sensible!”

6. Avoid too much exercise

Too much exercise can make dogs uncomfortable and can be dangerous.

Rory said: “Dogs are great at wanting to please their owners but make sure they aren’t going to hurt themselves, over-exercising can cause a lot of issues, especially if it’s hot out.”

Remember if they can’t exercise as much as usual to tailor their dinner portions accordingly.

Rory also warns dog owners about throwing sticks.

He said: “As important as it is to get your dog running to shed those calories, sticks cause all sorts of injuries including life-threatening wounds!

“As a vet, I’ve seen the damage they can do and it’s not nice for your pet. You’re much better throwing a ball.”

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