How to get a pay rise revealed!

How to get a pay rise: Careers expert reveals the surprising tricks that can boost your pay packet – including learning a language and NOT being a leader

  • Adzuna co-founder Andrew Hunter, from UK, shares top tips on getting pay rise 
  • Brits pay packets are £3k higher than two years ago, job search engine claims 
  • The expert says people should stand out from the crowd and learn new skills

We’d all love a bit more money in our bank accounts at the end of the month, and now a careers expert has revealed the secrets to securing a pay rise.   

Research shows that Brits’ salaries are average of £3,000 higher than two years ago, so the extra money is up for grabs – if you know how to get it. 

And to make sure you’re not missing out on this influx of cash, UK-based job search engine Adzuna co-founder Andrew Hunter has shared his top tips on ensuring you get your cut. 

From learning a new language to taking a step back and shadowing a superior, the expert offers an insight into how you could be receiving a chunkier pay package during your next annual salary review. 

Improving your skill set is one of the best ways to stay competitive and earn a higher salary, says Adzuna co-founder Andrew Hunter (stock photo)

It won’t be handed to you on a plate… Can you set yourself apart?

When you’re looking to get a pay rise, you should be ‘all set’ in every aspect before you approach the subject. 

Look at the responsibilities of your job role: are you effectively demonstrating your key skills? 

More and more employers are looking for ‘soft skills’, such as communication, problem solving and negotiation. 

Could you excel in these areas and develop in others? And, most importantly, do you feel you can handle the extra responsibility which will come with the pay rise, should you get it? 

Stand out from the crowd… Learn new skills and earn certifications

Improving your skill set is one of the best ways to stay competitive and earn a higher salary. 

Learning new skills or even updating old ones can help you maintain your capability and marketability in the job market and can increase your value with current or future employers. 

There are plenty of ways to do this, so make sure you jump at any on-the-job training, take on new projects or look into a course or two. 

You can earn certifications from basic computing skills to design. If you do end up taking a course, just make sure you select one that is reputable and well respected.

Take the initiative… Ask for a performance review

Performance reviews can often leave employees with worry and dread, but it shouldn’t be something you need to fear. 

Asking for a performance review at the right time can often be a good way to showcase what you’re good at, and identify potential pay rise ambitions. 

It will also give your boss and colleagues the chance to give you constructive feedback to help you achieve your targets. 

Let the sheep out the pen…You don’t always need to be the ‘shepherd’

There’s a lot of talk about being a shepherd of a team, as opposed to a sheep, but there’s always a good time to be in the background – which can pay dividends in the long run. 

Shadowing a superior at work is an assured way of knowing what it takes to get the big bucks. 

Understanding the type of work and the effort which is required gives you a good idea of the pathway ahead. 

Plus, making yourself known to others in the company can only go a long way to boosting your credibility.

Step away from the status quo… Be unique

Shadowing a superior at work is an assured way of knowing what it takes to get the big bucks, he adds (stock photo)

Being another cog in the machine keeps a business ticking over but it won’t get you that pay rise. 

Remember the reason you were chosen for your role initially – something must have stood out to cut you above the rest! 

Maybe your talent is being a client whisperer or maybe even a motivational speaker to get the team pumped for the day ahead? 

Whatever it is, it’s time to profit on your talents and remind your boss of what makes you deserving of this next step in your career.

Brush up on your language skills… Learn the lingo

Did you know having a second language can bring in the big bucks? 

Learning a language should be at the top of your list when choosing which skills to hone. 

While Mandarin and Spanish might seem like obvious choices, more unique languages are often more lucrative. 

From looking at our current job ads, employees are offering the highest salaries to those who know Swedish – boasting a whopping average salary of £54,890! 

This is followed by Arabic (£41,100) and Dutch (£38,206). 

So it’s time to bring your language skills to the fore and show what you’re really worth!

Maybe perks are the answer

Maybe it’s not the time for a pay rise, so you should always be prepared for a no. But don’t take your eyes off the prize – as this doesn’t have to literally be your salary. 

Have you thought about perks which provide monetary value too? Look into what your company offers, could you ask for dental insurance or something as simple as working from home one day a week? 

Think about how much you spend on commuting every day, multiply that by 52 and that’s what you could be getting as an annual ‘bonus’ – without any expense to your boss! 

These, among many others, will be monetarily beneficial to you but won’t dent your company’s finances. 

Being able to approach your boss with an open mind demonstrates you are willing to work with the company to find a happy medium where both parties are happy. 

Everyone’s a winner: you gain a reward through negotiation and one day, this will play a big part when a pay rise opportunity comes around again.

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