How to check if jeans will fit without trying them on with this quick hack

When it comes to shopping, we need no persuading. However trying clothes on before buying them, now this is a faff. No one enjoys the upheaval of taking off all of your clothes off or waiting ages in an endless changing room queue – do they?

T-shirts and dresses can sometimes be the easiest items to judge in terms of size, however finding your perfect fit of jeans can be a difficult task. With increasing pressure on fashion brands to improve their sizes, sourcing the best jeans can seem like an uphill battle- we've all been there

Well, OK!'s Fashion Stylist and Writer Scott Wells has got your back as he shows you how to achieve this without trying on multiple sizes.

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You might be wondering how exactly you do this, and don't worry, there are no big tricks involved, all you simply need are your arms therefore making the hack look natural whilst out shopping without getting any weird looks from others.

So without further ado, let's not waste anymore time and find out how to check if a pair of jeans will fit without trying them on.

How to measure your waist

In order to gage whether the jeans are your correct waist size, all you need is your forearm, so from your elbow to your hand.

Grab your pair of jeans and place your arm inside the waistband, with your elbow at one side and your hand held into a fist, if you find there is space between the end of your hand and the other side of the jeans, then they will be too big.

If when you try to put your arm in and you can't place your fist inside, then these will be too small.

However, when you put your arm in and it fits perfectly into the waistband without any struggle, then these are the perfect size for you.

Another annoyance of not trying items on is getting home, putting the new pair on and realising you're left with awkward ankle swingers (which is actually quite trendy now) or they're so long you physically can't walk in them.

So read on to find out the next hack to determine your correct length of jeans, also without needing to try them on or hoping for the best.

How to measure your length

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Take your chosen style of jeans and hold them up to your body, across your chest with the waistband in one hand that is held up to just by your armpit as you then hold the hem of the trouser out with your other hand.

After you've held the jeans up and you've stretched out your arm and the jeans continue past your arm, then they are too long.

If you hold them up and you can't stretch your arm out whilst holding on to the hem, then they are too short.

However, when carrying out the same exercise of holding them across your body, if your arm is perfectly stretched out and you can still hold the hem of the jeans, then these should be your ideal length.

If you're not convinced that these two simple hacks work, then we have tried and tested it and can assure you that they're pretty spot on.

So the next time you're treating yourself to a new pair of jeans, save the fuss of returns and guarantee yourself success every time with OK!'s nifty hacks.

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