How Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry raises four boys on her own including the one life hack that always stops them arguing

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry has been very open about raising four boys on her own and of course, she needs a few life hacks to avoid any conflicts in her home of five.

Here are a few of the hacks that makes the reality TV star a really good mom.

The boys are brothers, not half-brothers

Fans of Teen Mom 2 will know that Kailyn has four sons from three different relationships.

This means that the boys are all half-brothers, however, she has raised them "like brothers".

On the show, the close relationships between Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed are obvious, with the siblings constantly asking for each other, especially when one of them is visiting their dad.

The mom said in an interview after Creed was born in July 2020: "All three of them have asked to hold the baby and they're super loving on him especially Lux.

"But in terms of help, I try not to ask them for help just because they're kids and I don't want to put that type of responsibility on them."

Promotes good relationships between the boys and their fathers

Despite not being in a relationship with any of her kids' fathers, Kailyn is insistent that the boys have a strong bond with their dad.

Kailyn shares Isaac with Jo Rivera, Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, and Lux and Creed with Chis Lopez.

The 29-year-old has been very open about her successful co-parenting with Jo and Javi, and despite slamming Chris for being absent, she won't deny him visits or taking the boys for the weekend.

In one episode of Teen Mom 2, Isaac told Kailyn that he did not want to go to Jo's home but she insisted.

The bond between the boys and the fathers is so strong that Isaac will even go on outings and vacations with Javi, Lincoln's father, as he was his stepfather for five years.

However, she has talked about how she fears the boys will be separated if something was to happen to her and the fathers would become the primary caretakers.

Supportive of her sons' passions

Unlike the other Teen Mom stars, Kailyn gushes over her sons' activities almost every day.

Isaac is particularly passionate about writing stories and drawing, while Lincoln wants to play professional football and his parents are there to support him.

In one of the most recent Teen Mom 2 episodes, Kailyn talked about how she let her oldest son design the wallpaper for their new home.

She even takes the time each week to print, read, and provide any feedback on the short stories he writes.

As for Lincoln, Kailyn has planned to build him a football field to practice in, and she rarely misses any of his games.

Has open communication with her sons' stepmoms

Her sons' fathers have all moved on with other women, and had more kids.

However, Kailyn has opted to be amicable with her sons' stepmothers and keeps away from any drama.

In fact, Kailyn is best friends with Jo's current wife, Vee Rivera.

The two women host a weekly podcast called Baby Mama No Drama and they have supported each other throughout their pregnancies.

Sadly, Kailyn does not have the same type of relationship with Lincoln's former stepmom, Lauren Comeau, though they are on speaking terms.

Lauren and Javi were engaged before they ended things in early 2021 – however, she's still very loving towards Lincoln.

Lauren ended the relationship after Javi tried to cheat on her with Kailyn and the mom of four revealed it on the show.

After making it public, Kailyn called Lauren personally and apologized for the unwanted attention she accidentally brought to the situation.

Good communication with her sons

Unlike some parents who keep every negative thing hidden from their kids, Kailyn makes a conscious effort to inform her sons of any big decisions she's making.

Fans have seen how she explains when and why her relationships with Jo, Javi, and Chris ended – and she is not afraid to answer even the most uncomfortable questions.

She's also been very open about her pregnancies and has them play a part in the process of naming their siblings and taking care of them.

In fact, she even revealed in one of her podcast episodes that she will talk to them openly about sex when the time comes.

"I feel like, based on how I grew up and never having the sex convo, I want an open dialogue in my house at all times, that's number one," she told Vee Rivera and Lindsie Chrisley.

"Don't be afraid to ask me questions. I would rather talk about it and him know what's what and be protected.

"Kids are going to do what they are going to do. What is he going to do, sneak out of the house or lie to me?

"I would rather know about it, you're not lying, I talk to the mother who is on the same page, if she's not okay it's not happening, there are no lies."

Promotes boundaries and good mental health

Kailyn has always been very open about her lack of relationship with her family as they are not good influences for her sons.

In the early days of Teen Mom, fans learned that Kailyn did not live with her mom who battled addiction.

To this day, she has kept her mom at an arm's length and has even stopped her from spending time with the boys.

Kailyn has put her sons' best interest before anything else.

The reality TV star has seen the negative effects of not having a father figure – she's not close to her own father – and has urged the boys to stay close to theirs.

Additionally, she's always open about her struggles with mental health and seeking help through therapy, teaching her kids to always seek the best for themselves.

Teaches them that hard work pays off and education is important

It's widely known that Kailyn is a hustler – she has been a reality TV star since she was 16, has her own lifestyle brand, and hosts two podcasts every week.

With the money she makes, she's investing in building them a great childhood home with all the things they'd need to continue pursuing their passions.

Through her multiple commitments, she's teaching her sons to work hard for their dreams and that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

She's also strict about the kids' education with Isaac having great grades each year.

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