How ‘T-Pain’s School Of Business’ Will Continue With Or Without A Season 2

T-Pain has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to music, from popularizing the use of Auto-Tune to being one of the earliest collaborators with comedy rap icons The Lonely Island. Fuse’s T-Pain’s School Of Business features the hip-hop artist taking that innovation and applying it to small businesses selling some of today’s weirdest and wildest products. Unfortunately, the first season of the series comes to a close with the Nov. 27 episode, which shows T-Pain visiting startups related to e-sports, a hangover cure, and a cat café. There’s no word on whether or not there will be a Season 2 of T-Pain’s School Of Business, but judging from interviews the singer has given related to the show, a cancellation won’t stop him from supporting small businesses.

In an interview with Business Insider, T-Pain explained that the inspiration for the series came from his own passion for supporting startups via crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. "I was just trying to bring something that I already liked doing to TV," he explained. "Not much other motivation than that, man. It was just a great idea."

So far, School of Business hasn’t quite garnered the same attention as similarly-minded reality juggernaut Shark Tank, but the show could give the companies it’s featured just enough of a boost to continue developing their unique products.

Of the many products covered in Season 1, T-Pain told Business Insider that his personal favorites are an extensive MIDI controller called the Artiphon 1 and a weed-infused wine from Rebel Coast Winery. His absolute favorite, however, is something you’d more likely expect from a broke college student — not a successful musician.

In an interview with USA Today, T-Pain said that he’s a huge fan of Vite Ramen, a healthier alternative to instant ramen, saying that, "Those noodles have helped me out. I’ve been eating the hell out of those. That was my favorite, for sure. I got a whole supply of those.”

While another season of School of Business would be a great opportunity for T-Pain to continue to highlight budding companies with big ideas, it seems like his passion for investing won’t come to an end just because the series isn’t picked back up. The artist told Business Insider that his interest in showcasing small businesses isn’t rooted in money, but in motivating young entrepreneurs.

"I just wanted it to be organic, natural, pretty much uplifting, and very, very informative," he said. "I wanted information behind the development, information behind the process, what made you come up with this idea. I wanted to motivate younger and up-and-coming entrepreneurs as well, so it helps out a lot to have an informative show, and not just something that’s super duper fun and you learn nothing."

So even if his School Of Business shuts down for good, it’s clear that T-Pain is still interested in supporting the small business community and passing on his knowledge to new generations, and that he’ll likely continue to do so both on and off-screen.

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