Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, August 5


You are pulling well ahead of the competition. Mentally you are steps ahead of your competitors. Some will be happy to step down and make room for you to lead the way. You have something special to offer that will keep people feeling motivated and inspired.


A little light flirtation may not be as harmless as had intended for it to be. A friend of your partner’s will have made comments that could make problems in your relationship. You will have a lot of explaining to do and this feels unfair when in your eyes, there is nothing really to explain.


A small win or handsome bonus will have you riding high on the crest of a wave of good fortune. You might use this money to buy something special that brings emotional satisfaction. You’re in the middle of some lucky developments. There is more of the same to come.


A reminder will be received for a bill that slipped your mind. Don’t be tempted to yet again sweep this under the carpet. Make it a priority to face up to your financial responsibilities.If you are single and looking for love, you could meet romance after accepting an impromptu social invitation.


You need to contact someone as you have information they need to know. You aren’t sure what the outcome of this meeting is likely to be. Conversations are likely to remind them of matters best forgotten. You know this will be stirring everything up again but it really can’t be helped.


Give guidance to those around you who are struggling. Do what you can to help someone who isn’t having an easy time. Future projects are being discussed. Plan, prepare well and work within rules and regulations. Make up a new set of rules if the old ones aren’t working.


Don’t delay. It is important to go after what you want when you feel the time is right. Ignore anyone who tries to talk you out of this. It may be necessary to avoid someone whose company you normally enjoy. When you are with them, you can never hide your feelings.


It will be a relief to have greater control of your life. Your time is more or less your own to do what you want with. You can decide where to go, who, with and when. Someone who has been manipulating you of late is conspicuous by their absence.


If an opportunity to travel comes your way, reach out and take it. You would benefit from the change of scenery. You have been keeping your fingers crossed about plans you have been making for the months ahead. Expect to hear some good news soon.


You’re starting to feel your plans to get ahead in an organised fashion aren’t working. It isn’t that you haven’t planned well. The problem is other people keep getting in the way. A lot of your frustration is due to a lazy workmate or housemate.


Your surroundings are quieter than usual. Taking this chance to chat with someone who is higher up on the same career ladder could lead to you receiving an unexpected proposition. Some lucky events will generate a mood of positivity. An exciting discussion will draw you and a loved one closer together.


The reason behind some confusion you are feeling is because you are being given different advice from different people. Stop listening to others and start paying attention to your inner voice. Choose activities that are likely to improve your future prospects.

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