Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Monday, August 1

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Some clever thinking will help solve a friend or neighbour’s problems. They will be pleased that you were the one they turned to for advice. You should see great results by putting your creative imagination to work in the workplace and at home. Take a different approach to routine tasks.


A colleague who is usually patient and helpful will rush ahead without giving you any support at all. On the other hand, you might find the energy of someone who is restless and excitable challenging to cope with. Stay calm, and the easier it will be to cope with annoying people.


You will want to put your fair share of work into a team effort. Others will be glad to have your help and input. Besides, they enjoy your company and just like having you around. You could charm the birds out of the trees and will find it easy to persuade an obstinate friend around to your way of thinking.


It seems impossible to agree with a friend or workmate over a job you have taken on jointly. You both have very different ideas. You can’t agree on how to approach things, and unless you find a compromise, you could fall out altogether, which would be a shame.


Some confusion in arrangements regarding a new job or project will get things off to a slow start. If you have ideas on how to overcome any difficulties, be sure to voice them, as this should help get the ball rolling again. People will listen even if it looks like they aren’t paying attention.


You would prefer to get on with some jobs and responsibilities on your own but finding a suitable opportunity seems impossible. Either an overly helpful friend or workmate will insist on helping you, or people working on other things need your advice and won’t leave you alone.


You’re doing your best to keep future plans within the family budget. Although you are taking a more sensible approach to financial affairs, someone you live with doesn’t seem to be listening to you. This will vex you when you need them to take you seriously.


A project that did cause a few problems recently can now be approached again with greater success. Someone you live or work with is acting strangely. You sense there is something they are trying to hide, and you are determined to find out what it is.


You’re tempted to take up a travel offer, but you have responsibilities close to home. You won’t be able to drop some commitments at short notice, and this means plans for a journey may have to be postponed for a short while longer. You just can’t let someone you care for down.


You can sense when someone is feeling uncertain and lacking in confidence. Yet you can also recognise their talents and unique style. Just a few words of encouragement from you will help them feel better about themselves. A new romantic relationship is indicated if you are single.


You could feel restless and do nothing about it, but that will not bring you much satisfaction. Or you could set goals and take definite action. This will give you something to work towards, and purposeful activity will replace inertia. Make better use of your time.


You need to be fairly flexible if you are planning a group trip or event. Get together with others involved and talk things through. Different people will have different ideas, and it may be necessary to take everything into consideration before going any further.

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