Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, July 15

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Social plans for this evening may be cancelled or delayed due to the demands of your job or that of someone close. This is a situation that cannot be avoided so try hard not to show your disappointment. A property transaction is almost complete.


Allowing your brain to slip into automatic pilot could mean missing out on an opportunity to approach a task in a new and different way. Take the chance to work with new tools or experiment with some unusual ideas.


You may have been brought up with the belief that a leopard can’t change its spots but some people can and do change. You may not have got on well with someone in the past but when circumstances bring you once again together, you could be surprised by how much you have in common now.


Be wary about believing a snippet of gossip passed on to you by a nosy neighbour. Hold that vivid imagination of yours in check when talking to others and be certain that you aren’t the one who passes on an unfounded rumour. Protect your own reputation.


Put creative thought into practical jobs you take on now and this will be an excellent opportunity for you to develop any artistic talents you possess. In your heart, you know you haven’t been making the most of your skills. You will get plenty of encouragement to put your clever ideas into practice.


A partner will suggest entering a shared financial transaction or opening a joint bank account. If you don’t feel comfortable about this, insist on keeping your finances separate for the time being. Your aim should be to remain a master of your own financial destiny.


If you are in the market for home improvements, check price comparison websites before you choose either products or workers. A challenging job you have been putting off mainly because you know it will spark off an awkward discussion has to be faced and you are ready to do this now.


There will be many advantages in slowing down the pace of life. If you keep pushing yourself too hard, you will burn yourself out. If the launch of a group project is postponed, look at this as an opportunity to get your bearings.


Put plans you’ve been thinking about and discussing into action. You have the energy and confidence to make quick progress. You don’t have to wait around for help or advice as you know what you are doing and you could happily get on with the work on your own.


You can’t help feeling irritable with someone who isn’t making any effort to carry out their responsibilities. You want to get the job done and you want to see results. Just don’t be tempted to try to organise people who aren’t as motivated as you are. Such efforts will only have the effect of making you feel more frustrated.


You are generally easy-going, but one thing you don’t like is to be pushed into anything you don’t want to do. Someone is about to discover you will not be rushed into making a commitment. If they want a snap decision out of you, your stubborn side will show.


You will suddenly realise a problem that a friend admits they are having is relevant to your own situation. Not only this, but you happen to know someone who is an expert in this field. Since you can’t get this matter out of your mind, a quick phone call will help you get things in perspective.

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