Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 1

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Connections with people from overseas will provide you with some interesting ideas. You could be thinking about working or volunteering abroad, in the future. Learning about a different culture’s customs and pastimes could result in a powerful transformation.


A new relationship hasn’t been going well. You have been preparing yourself for the worst. You accept that what will be, will be but what will come as a surprise is something your partner arranges for you that will reverse all and any negative thoughts.


Your boss or another senior colleague will be looking to you for advice or suggestions. It might surprise you that they won’t make a decision until they have heard other opinions. They couldn’t make it more obvious that they rely on your good judgement. You respect their willingness to listen.


Although there are and will be more obstructions ahead, remain hopeful. There will be success on the other side of these stumbling blocks. Nothing might come easy for you now but the rewards will be all the more meaningful as you do start seeing results for your efforts.


Building better relationships will be easier when there is increased harmony and contentment within yourself. If something is making you feel angry, resentful, suspicious or envious, you need to deal with this now before your moods and feelings start to tarnish close friendships.


Don’t give up what should be yours because caution holds you back. Be ready to give a speedy response to an interesting offer or opportunity. This will not be repeated and it will go to someone else if you don’t act immediately. Sometimes it pays to be impulsive.


A mix-up that has caused tension in a close partnership can be cleared. Sulks will not help. Talk things through. Let your partner know how you feel. Clear up this matter and it won’t take long before you are back on the path to mutual harmony.


Changes now taking place, even if unexpectedly, will turn out to be for the best. You’re inclined to feel negatively about an offer someone puts to you but give yourself a chance to think about it and you will be surprised by how the idea slowly starts to appeal.


It isn’t true that your boss and others in high places don’t value your hard working efforts. Your talents are not being ignored. When the right opportunity comes along, you will be the first person they come to and you will realise how respected you are in the workplace.


A friend or relative would deny any intention to stand in the way of your goals. You will not believe them. They have interfered before and you know they could easily do so again. That’s why you will want to keep some developments secret from someone who could spoil it all for you.


It’s not often you have someone waiting on you hand and foot. A partner or someone who is equally as close will insist on pampering you. Put your feet up and make the most of all their caring attention. Even if there is an ulterior motive, that’s for you to deal with in the future.


People appreciate your honesty and how you put your thoughts forward in a sympathetic and diplomatic way. Take this chance to set the record straight if there have been recent problems or misunderstandings. You will intuitively sense what will bring your loved ones’ the most happiness.

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