Horoscope: Week ahead horoscopes – what’s in store for your star sign? Astrology forecast

Aries (Mar 21/Apr 20) 

No matter how helpful other people are trying to be, it will be better and easier to handle important business on your own. You aren’t being overly cautious with a new partner by keeping some of your thoughts to yourself.

Taurus (Apr 21/May 21)

If there have been mistakes and misunderstandings and you owe someone an apology, do it now. Don’t put it off any longer as making up silly excuses will prolong a tense situation. Take responsibility for your actions and move on from there.


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Gemini (May 22/June 21)

Arguments and argumentative folk are getting you down. There is no way you will be able to change people’s opinions. If you’re growing bored with your current duties, give yourself permission to strike in a new direction. It is time to move on to better things.

Cancer (June 22/July 23)

It will be to your advantage to work behind the scenes as this will mean you can develop new skills. Keeping to yourself will be no hardship during the daylight hours but don’t be surprised to find yourself missing social activities and fun-filled times with friends.

Leo (July 24/Aug 23) 

You aren’t sure who to trust especially when it comes to cold callers and online contacts. People are giving you conflicting advice. It’s important that when you act, you do so on credible and accurate information.

Virgo (Aug 24/Sept 23)

In these strange and distorted days you may not have expected to have to iron out a dispute over money. Use your gift of discretion to side track a clash over finances or domestic responsibilities. Very soon you will feel as if you are making progress.

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Libra (Sept 24/Oct 23) 

You’re working round the clock to keep on top of all your many commitments and responsibilities. People are grateful for the help you have given them in the past and they will do all they can to help you fulfil your obligations.

Scorpio (Oct 24/Nov 22)

You are known for being able to speak your mind clearly and concisely. Once you recognise a problem, make a sincere effort to help anyone who is being negatively affected. Your honesty will resonate with people who are frustrated with an unfair situation.


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Sagittarius (Nov 23/Dec 21)

You’re making plans that make you excited for the future. You may not have expected some people to question your decisions. The complaints of a loved one will hurt. You might feel like they don’t understand you. Have a heart to heart discussion.

Capricorn (Dec 22/Jan 20) 

The end of the month will find you reflecting on the past and considering your future. You might suddenly realise how special someone is to you. It’s not always easy to show your feelings and sometimes you can forget to let people know how special they are.

Aquarius (Jan 21/Feb 19)

If there is a big decision to be made, be patient. You and a friend or colleague may not agree with each other’s point of view. A lengthy discussion could be inevitable. Some people struggle to put their feelings into words.

Pisces (Feb 20/Mar 20) 

This is not a time to question the decisions of people in positions of power. Contradicting a boss in public could put your job in jeopardy. Even if you have evidence to support your claims, be subtle. Diplomacy is the only way to make your point in an effective way.

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