Hilarious snaps show times people tried but messed up

Someone call a proofreader! Snaps reveal hilarious signs that shouldn’t have passed quality control – from ‘World War 11’ plaque to a billboard telling drivers ‘you don’t matter’

  • Infuriatingly funny snaps shows examples of signs that haven’t been proofread
  • Includes a road sign that tells drivers: ‘You don’t matter, give up’   
  • And a commemorative plaque remembers those who died in ‘World War 11’

Sometimes, people trying their best just isn’t good enough and no matter how much effort they put in, the end result is abysmal.

These hilarious snaps from across the globe, collated by Bored Panda, show what happens when writing signs goes badly wrong.  

From a plaque commemorating the ’11th World War’ to a confusing door sign that can’t decide whether the user should push or pull, social media users shared some of the best examples.

Elsewhere, an advert appears to tell children to do drugs while an ‘uplifting’ road sign tells US drivers: ‘You don’t matter, give up’.

Driving people to despair! The ‘uplifting’ sign from a road in the US isn’t quite giving drivers the boost they need while on their travels

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How long on average have customers been stuck at this door wondering which method to choose? 

Anyone looking at the Second World War memorial plaque would receive a sudden jolt of concern as they wondered whether they’d missed 9 world wars

This US policeman is the unwitting butt of a joke that insinuates police have no honour, integrity, trust or transparency 

Don’t say he doesn’t treat you! This vintage sign promoting electricity will have wives running

Not as wholesome as they hoped! This American photography studio had customers confused

Mixed messaging: This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sign will leave readers very confused 

Oh, the irony! This translator service hasn’t done the best job of attracting new clients

This sign is not only not pointing to anything, but will also likely make any viewers of it feels much less safe than they did before

Well. this might just be the most disgusted beer in the world, until the label is pulled back to reveal the true citrusy meaning

Poor old Victor Ramos thought he was going to live eternally through a planted tree, until someone came along and scuppered his plans

This slightly concerning typo on a sign in Kansas, US, might discourage a lot of travellers from visiting

These Trump supporters from a US Trump rally couldn’t quite figure out how their leader’s name was spelt

A confusing message that send signals that blood donation is a terrible thing to be avoided when quite the opposite is true

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