Hilarious online shopping blunders that left buyers baffled

When reality bites! Shoppers share hilarious online purchasing blunders that left them with buyer’s remorse

  • People from around the world have shared some of their worst shopping fails
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Online shopping can be a minefield, especially when many don’t pay attention to the dimensions of the products. 

And a series of photos shared by people from around the world has revealed their biggest shopping fails – which Ranker has collated into a hilarious gallery. 

They include one woman who bought ‘an extra large dog pool’ which turned out to be the size of a plate when it arrived at her door.

Elsewhere a young girl bought a halter neck top on Amazon in the hope of updating her summer wardrobe – but when it arrived and was significantly smaller than she had anticipated, and it instead became a hot new accessory for her cat.  

Another person ended up regretting their decision when they scrimped on kitchen scales – which were only a ‘bargain’ because they didn’t actually feature any numbers to measure the weight of items. 

A young girl looking to ramp up her summer wardrobe bought a halter top on Amazon which arrived so small her mother put it on the cat instead

A newlywed couple got a shock after ordering a cake topper for their wedding dessert, which looked a little bit off when it arrived

Meanwhile, a couple got a shock after ordering a cute cake topper for their wedding cake which looked nothing like what they asked for. 

And a fashionista who was excited about new Nike trainers ended up with footwear that looked like a pair of fluffy slippers.  

Here FEMAIL takes a look at the worst online shopping fails ever…

Cosy! Another person wanted to buy Nike trainers but unfortunately got sent Nike slippers instead 

Another amateur cook bought a cheap kitchen scales – but they soon realised their bargain wasn’t a good deal at all when the item arrived without a single marking on its dial 

People from around the world have shared some of their worst shopping fails and Ranker collated the best into a hilarious gallery. They include a woman who bought ‘an extra large dog pool’ which was actually the size of a plate

The main problem with shopping online is the clothes never fit exactly like they do on the model – as this buyer learnt the hard way

Gross! Another person wanted to look extra creepy for Halloween and bought a terrifying mask to frighten party guests – however when it arrived, it was weird in a very different way

A woman in the US paid $100 for a White Claw birthday cake for her partner – but something very different showed up 


A mother bought a dinosaur pillowcase for her child believing it would be in the shape of the cartoon – but when it arrived, the print was more literal than she realised it would be

This family, in the US, were hoping to capture the imaginations of the entire street with some enormous Father Christmas garden decorations – but they were a little less majestic when they arrived

A man ordered a patch on Amazon which read ‘I want to believe’ and got a funny surprise when it arrived 

Another woman ordered a cactus cat scratching post online only to find out the piece of homeware was a DIY job

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