Here’s Why The Undead Army Was Able To Storm Winterfell On ‘GoT’

All men must die, but what about those who are already dead? In Game of Thrones‘ April 28 episode, the Night King’s impossibly large army attacked the Stark’s home in the much-anticipated Battle of Winterfell. And while the humans had an impressive plan of attack, that didn’t stop the undead from forming a body bridge over the flaming trenches around Winterfell. So did fire kill the wights on Game of Thrones, or did they turn out to be somehow fireproof?

As Gendry said in last week’s episode, the wights are like death itself. But since they’re not alive, they’re notoriously difficult to kill. However, Jon and the Night’s Watch have discovered several ways to kill them — dragonglass to the heart, for one, and Valyrian steel.

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