Here’s What Makes Tiffany And Co. So Expensive

Everyone is aware that diamonds are typically extremely expensive. Tiffany diamonds are very expensive as well as popular because they are hand-selected and set in intricate ring designs. The brand are renowned for their legendary engagement rings, which are the dream of every bride. However, they are quite pricey, and it is surprising what makes these diamonds this pricey.

Since 1837, Tiffany jewelry has been a registered business that designs and sells diamond jewelry. With the introduction of a conventional engagement ring, they established their talent on the jewelry map and grew to prominence.

Why Do Tiffany Diamonds Cost So Much?

Tiffany diamonds are often regarded as the finest meticulously chosen and inspected diamonds on the market. Their metal is composed solely of 925 sterling silver, which complements the diamond crystal’s sheen and brilliance.

Moreover, Tiffany diamonds are composed of much more than gems and metal packed together. When you purchase a Tiffany diamond, you are purchasing a piece of the second-largest fine jewelry brand in the world, with almost 180 years of experience.

For a company like Tiffany, the brand name is everything. Presentation and execution must be precise and flawless. The diamond crystal’s luster and brilliance must be just right. They make every effort to retain the reputation that everyone has of the organization.

This indicates that Tiffany devotes a significant portion of its resources to building brand awareness, making its presence noticed, and creating a steadying influence on the market. Their brand embodies style, fashion, elegance, sophistication, wealth, and exclusivity.

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What Sets Tiffany & Co. Apart?

Tiffany & Co. originally gained prominence in the jewelry market when they launched their variant of a six-prong diamond setup that secures the crystal in place while exposing it to light.

This ring was known as the Heart Lock ring, and it had two heart-shaped padlocks with metal keys to open them. Their brilliant innovation is a first in the jewelry industry that was well-received by makers and customers alike across the market.

This is their best-selling item to date because of both the emotive message it conveys and its distinctiveness. This ring setting is widely utilized by architects and manufacturers around the world and is now known as the Tiffany setting.

This style is exemplified by a diamond crystal set in six prongs on the desired metal. Besides, Tiffany Diamonds adheres to a strong code of ethics in all of its business dealings, purchasing diamonds from only a select group of suppliers worldwide.

They affirm that they have conducted background checks on the diamond mining facilities and existing working conditions.

Tiffany jewelers strive to be as ethical as possible in their business transactions and operations, and they would never jeopardize their well-established brand name by identifying themselves with diamonds sourced from war zones.

According to reports, Tiffany diamonds obtain their stones from parties of many nations, including Botswana, Namibia, Australia, Sierra Leone, and Russia.

Do Tiffany Diamonds Have A Higher Resale Value?

As you locate the best diamond ring in the industry, you may question how else this purchase could help you. Many people purchase diamonds due to their durability and resale value.

Although this may be valid, the resale value may not match your expectations. Even though Tiffany diamonds are certified and come with a grading report, you may need to purchase a 1-carat or bigger stone to receive a return on your investment.

Tiffany is not directly involved in the arduous mining procedures or the processing of raw diamond stones. Tiffany, however, actively participates in the choice and appraisal of diamonds for their platform.

Its specific purpose is to supply their customer with the highest and clearest diamonds in the history of the globe.

It’s a bit unfortunate that Tiffany would not buy back your diamond ring when you decide to sell it, but you can be certain that your diamond is unique and of high quality, so you will find a buyer and receive a reasonable return on your investment.

All of this, however, is contingent on the current diamond market. This should not deter you from getting a Tiffany diamond, as the company has its certificate of excellence that has been acknowledged by gemological institutes and many other jewelry makers.

Tiffany diamonds are a perennial favorite, and many individuals would be delighted to get an old ring in excellent condition at a discount.

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Are Tiffany Diamond Rings Priced Excessively?

Tiffany rings are works of art made by the finest jewelry artisans and designers. Close to two centuries of understanding in diamond detailing and customizing.

Their line features timeless and elegant diamond rings that are delicately packed in their signature blue box. Their GIA-certified labs and active self-evaluation methods demonstrate that Tiffany is much more than a diamond retailer.

Knowing you are purchasing a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ring would make you skip, and Tiffany does not compromise on quality.

Now we realize that Tiffany diamonds are valued based on factors other than the diamond’s quality and brightness. Tiffany clearly takes great satisfaction in its position at the top of the jewelry food chain and has no intention of relinquishing it.

It is a well-established business with a constant history of exclusivity and elegance and has every right to charge top dollar for its incomparable brilliance.

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