Has The Mystery Of Where Kevin Spacey Has Been Hiding Out Been Solved?

The Youtube video that Kevin Spacey posted on Christmas raises more questions than it answers, considering that the public hasn’t heard from the actor in over a year. But now after some video sleuthing by the Baltimore Sun, it looks like Spacey filmed the video called Let Me Be Frank in the voice of his former House of Cards character, Frank Underwood.

Justin Fenton, a reporter for The Sun says that Spacey’s three-minute monologue was delivered in character, but seemed to reference his current circumstance touching on accusations and “paying the price for something I didn’t do.”

Last year there was a rumor that Spacey had purchased a condominium in Downtown Baltimore (House of Cards is mostly filmed on location in and around the Baltimore area, with Camp Puhtok in Monkton subbing for Camp David). Like many rumors, this turned out to have a whiff of truth, as it was Spacey’s manager, Evan Lowenstein who purchased the Ritz-Carlton penthouse condo through a trust.

The condo was purchased from commercial real estate developer Leroy Merritt, who bought the property in 2007 for $6.1 million, according to Baltimore City land records.

Lowenstein jokes that if the press keeps reporting that the condo belongs to Spacey, perhaps the actor should pick up the tab.

“If people keep saying it’s [Spacey’s] house, I’m going to start asking him to pay the bills.”

Fenton explains that he was contacted by a tipster who said that the kitchen in the video was indeed the kitchen in the Ritz Carlton condos near the Inner Harbor.

“The Spacey video, compared with a video tour of the condo posted online by a realty company when the residence was on the market, suggests the backdrop is one and the same — from the kitchen sink and counter at the beginning of the video to the marble wall and range hood, to the distinct shuttered windows.”

A call to Spacey’s reps to confirm this went unanswered, but considering that the Oscar winner has a hearing on the east coast in Nantucket on January 7th, it wouldn’t be a shock that he would lay low in Baltimore as opposed to New York or Los Angeles.

After a closer look, it seems possible that the photos which surfaced yesterday of Kevin Spacey wearing a balaclava and a scarf and walking in the rain could have been taken in Baltimore, as the gray and rainy weather match up. Before this week, the actor hadn’t been spotted in the year since the sexual assault accusations surfaced.

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