Harvey Weinstein seeks dismissal of all criminal charges from ‘flawed’ New York indictment

As expected, accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is seeking dismissal of the five remaining sex-crimes charges against him in New York, arguing that alleged police misconduct and perjury by one of his three accusers tainted the grand jury that indicted him. 

Already, the criminal case for sexual assault and rape against Weinstein looked to be in trouble: One of the six counts involving one of the accusers was dropped by Manhattan prosecutors during a hearing last month.

Prosecutors acknowledged that the lead New York Police Department detective on the case may have improperly coached a witness and also failed to disclose crucial information to defense and prosecutors as required.

That left five counts involving two accusers pending. Weinstein was indicted by a New York grand jury in May.  

On Monday, Weinstein’s defense lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, filed motions asserting that the remaining charges should be thrown out because the grand jury proceeding that produced them was “deeply flawed.”

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