Harrowing picture of boy in coma after eating mum’s secret chocolate stash

A boy was put into a lifesaving coma in hospital after eating his mum’s secret chocolate stash.

Aisha Vaughan, 34, was horrified after her severely dairy intolerant three-year-old found a plastic bag of treats under her bed.

Omar came across the chocolates while he was at the family’s home in Wembley, northwest London while she was out with friends.

The toddler, along with his siblings Isaac and Suraiyah were being looked after by his dad Curtis.

It was then that their son found Mrs Vaughan’s concealed Wispa Bites that eventually hospitalised him.

She told the Daily Star on Sunday: "Seeing our baby hooked up to a ventilator left me in floods of tears.

"This is my fault, I thought, tormented by the sight of Omar in pain."

Her son immediately began choking and struggling to breath after eating the chocolates.

Usually the parents are extra careful with Omar since they discovered his extreme allergies.

Mrs Vaughan revealed that even dairy even touches his skin, he will break out in terrible boils and hives.

She added that her ‘beloved’ chocolate was the only dairy product in their house.

Disaster struck while the mum was at the cinema and in the care of 38-year-old Curtis along with Omar’s siblings.

Mrs Vaughan was sent a message from Curtis saying ‘Omar can’t breathe’. 

She rushed back to see her partner injecting adrenaline him using an EpiPen as his eyes swelled and he struggled for air.

They gave him seven shots before going to A&E where doctors told them that Omar needed to be put in a coma to protect him while he battled the reaction.

The mother said that she felt ‘sick with guilt’ the entire time.

After three days, Omar was allowed to leave hospital but Mrs Vaughan says she is still in shock.

She said that she can’t believe that it was the pair’s chocolate craving that nearly killed their child.

Last August the parents welcomed another child who is starting to show signs of the same illness. 

Figures show as many as two in every 100 children under four-years-old are allergic to dairy.

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