Half of British women spend a whopping ten hours getting ready for the office Christmas party

Christmas party season is in full swing which means the question of what to wear is too and, as a recent study from Perky Pear has revealed , it’s a question that ladies put a whole lot of effort into – 10 hours of effort in fact.

Yes instead of decorating the tree, ladies are decorating themselves with glitz galore over festive season as half of British women spend 10 hours getting ready for the office Christmas party.

Encompassing everything from shaving legs and shopping to hair, make-up and fake tanning, British women will spend a total of ten hours beautifying themselves for their Christmas bash, and 48 per cent will spend fives hours in front of the mirror beforehand.

The survey of 2,000 women by lift and shape brand Perky Pear revealed that anxieties play a major role in the nation’s party preparations.

Seventy-one per cent of women aged 18-34 state that body anxieties play a huge part in their festive fashion choices, with only 16 per cent of women 55+ stating this, suggesting that confidence comes with age.

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But what are the main worries? Well, 21 per cent of women are worried about what their colleagues will think of their figure and choice of outfit, and 9 per cent like to make sure they’re Instagram ready to snap pics before they head out for the office bash.

On top of this, 54 per cent boost their usual beauty routines to feel as confident as possible when they hit the dance floor.

And, despite investing in time, the investment into the outfit itself tends not to be as weighty, with the average woman spending £54 on her Christmas party outfit, and 10 per cent spending £150.

Samantha Ryder, founder of Perky Pear, said: “Our research shows that the typical British woman will really take their time in order to feel fabulous this festive season. What it also shows somewhat disconcertingly, is that the reasons behind this aren’t always all that positive, with other people’s perceptions and a lack of body confidence playing a party in these extended beauty routines.

“We’re all about feeling great about yourself and taking small steps to feeling more confident, whatever you wear, and hope that our fellow Brits will focus on fun this Christmas, rather than overthinking about how others view them.”

Geographically, Liverpool ladies spend the longest on their festive routines on average – typically 12 hours compared to the girls in Gloucester who take an average of just five hours.

And time taken changes through the ages – getting ready time steadily decreases from an average of two hours and 44 minutes for women aged 18-24 minutes to two hours for women aged 25-54 and one hour 55 minutes for women aged 55+.

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And, on the Christmas statistics front, it seems that when Brits aren’t spending time getting glam for the office do, they’re wrapping presents.

A Bullring & Grand Central study has revealed that we spend a whopping two days wrapping Christmas gifts in our lifetime.

As well as this we’re proven to be a very sneaky nation, with almost one in ten using computers or smartphones to try and uncover their gift purchases, and 36 per cent admit to shaking presents, whilst 31 per cent try to found out where they’re hidden.

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And it’s not just the kids that are on Santa’s naughty list sometimes when it comes to uncovering presents – 13 per cent of people have unwrapped and then wrapped their presents to discover what they’ve received.

So, as wrapping gets underway, here to help is the UK’s most prestigious gift wrapper, Jane Means , who has shared her top tips on how to avoid the sneakiness surrounding present giving at Christmas.

Jane says: “No matter your confidence in wrapping, there are simple techniques to help maintain the element of surprise, such as concealing gifts of any shape and size using stiff paper and creating beautifully presented festive shapes.”

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