Hailey Baldwin Appears to Address Speculation Over Video of Justin Bieber 'Yelling' At Her

“Any other narrative floating around is beyond false.”

Hailey Baldwin appeared to shoot down the speculation that her husband Justin Bieber was visibly upset with her in a viral video.

The footage, which has since been deleted by the original user, showed the couple walking through the lobby of the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas immediately after a performance by the pop star, who is seen shouting animatedly at his wife.

Video of Justin Bieber 'Yelling' at Wife Hailey in Vegas Not What it Seems, Witnesses Claim

Taking to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, the model shared a sweet snap of the couple kissing with the caption, “Reminiscing on how amazing last weekend was. Had the best time surrounded by so much love.”

“Any other narrative floating around is beyond false. Don’t feed into the negative bulls— peeps,” she added with a peace sign emoji.

Fans agreed with Hailey, as those claiming to be witnesses shot down reports that Justin was upset, offering the singer was just hyped after his surprise performance with Diplo at the XS Nightclub just moments earlier.

“He was not yelling and we were there to witness what went down. He was all adrenaline,” one follower wrote. “It doesn’t matter how the f— it ‘appears’ to you. Dont spread false information on someone especially when you acknowledge that’s just what it appears to you. That’s defamation of character.”

Indeed, the user posted a receipt vid of Justin’s performance — and hyped would certainly be an accurate word to describe him.

“I took this of Justin right before that video was taken. He was on STRAIGHT adrenaline from performing. He wasn’t mad at Hailey and he wasn’t yelling at her. I hate how he’s always painted as the bad guy when he’s the furthest thing from it,” they wrote.

Another person claiming to be a witness backed the story up: “my friends and I were with/behind him the whole night, he was in the best mood and was telling her a story but ofc internet lames love their lil scenarios <3”

A source told E! News the couple were still on top form as they partied with friends — including Kendall Jenner, Justine Skye, Ryan Good, Maeve Riley, Zak Bia and Keia Moniz — the following night at the grand opening of Delilah, also at Wynn, where Justin performed once again.

“The group arrived together to Delilah after pre-gaming on a party bus that took them on the strip and then to the venue,” the club source said. “They arrived around 11:30 PM and were escorted to their own private table. The club was packed and many people were trying to approach their table.”

Justin and Hailey were among those walking the red carpet for the event, along with Anitta, Dave Chappelle, Tyga, Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, Addison Rae and more, Billboard reported.

“He looked really happy to be singing and was dancing and vibing with the crowd,” they added. “He was smiling and in a great mood.”

The couple were even pouring shots for fans, before leaving together around 2 AM.

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