'Giving My Father His Flowers': See Oprah Surprise Her Ailing Dad With A Fourth Of July Celebration

Oprah dedicated her July 4th weekend to honoring a special man in her life: her dad. 

The media mogul shared an Instagram video revealing that the reason for her Nashville “backyard barbecue” was to honor her father, who is ill. She named the festivities, “Vernon Winfrey Appreciation Day.”

“My father is ill and so we wanted to be able to have all of his friends come and celebrate him while he’s able to receive the joy,” she shared. 

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The star’s longtime friend, Gayle King, served as camerawoman to showcase the details of the gathering, asking the former talk show host if her father was excited about the celebration, to which she replied, “he doesn’t even know that this is for him. He thinks it’s a Fourth of July thing — he doesn’t know it’s for him.”

The two continued their stroll around the lively outdoor function, sharing views of the tasty menu items, which included hamburgers, fried chicken, turkey, and brisket.

Her 88-year-old father, who was a barber for 50 years, was seen at the end of the video sitting comfortably in his barber chair, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Oprah shared a heartfelt caption to her video that read, “Giving my father his ‘flowers’ while he’s still well enough to smell them. Happy 4th of July as you gather with your family and friends.” 

Oprah hasn’t disclosed the nature of her father’s condition, however, she closed the post by adding, “Remember to celebrate each other 💐”

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