Get fit in 15 minutes: The best exercise to build strong legs

Get fit in 15 minutes: The best exercise and nutrition to build strong and powerful legs

  • Nadya Fairweather reveals the best exercise for building powerful legs
  • Shona Wilkinson advises pairing the work out with well-balanced meals
  • Emily Monckton shared a selection of items to wear for the fitness routine 


To build strong and powerful legs, try a single leg lunge with a power knee lift, says celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather ( If you’re a beginner, hold the back of a counter top with your left hand.

Celebrity fitness trainer Nadya Fairweather, recommends single leg lunges with a power knee lift to build strong and powerful legs

Step your left foot back into a lunge, hold it, then bring your left knee up in front with conviction, rising up on your right foot. Repeat eight times, then do the same on the right side.

Perform three sets. For a bigger challenge, try it without holding on to anything, swinging your arms for balance (pictured).


A well-balanced meal is key to strengthening the muscles in the legs, says nutritionist Shona Wilkinson (

Grilled chicken and salad is ideal: chicken adds protein, while the greens are packed with antioxidants. These help the body recover from training. Add olive oil and avocado to sustain muscle growth.

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Altneratively, go for grilled salmon with vegetables and brown rice. The omega-3 fatty acid in the fish helps reduce inflammation caused by training.

For vegetarians, try an omelette with wholegrain toast and mixed berries on the side. Eggs are your best friend if you want to build muscle, while berries offer vitamin C for muscle recovery.


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