Genius hack for turning socks into ‘no-shows’ socks

Genius hack that turns ankle socks ‘invisible’ so that you can wear them with ANY shoe is branded ‘life-changing’ and ‘magic’

  • ASOS Instagram account shared ingenious hack with their 9.4 million followers 
  • Sees normal ankle sock changed into ‘no-show’ trainer style sock in simple move
  • Shoppers couldn’t believe it, with many calling it ‘a life-changing hack’ 
  • But others weren’t convinced, and said sock would end up slipping down foot  

Everyone has shoes in their wardrobe than are best worn with a discreet pair of trainer socks or footsies, but now a clever hack as revealed what to do if you don’t have any to hand.  

Shoppers are going wild over a simple trick from ASOS, which sees a normal pair of ankle socks transformed into ‘no-show’ invisible socks. 

The move, which has been watched almost half a million times on the retailer’s Instagram account, shows a woman pulling her ankle sock along her foot inside out. 

Leaving just the tip of the sock on her toes, she then pulled the sock back under along the bottom of her foot in order to create a base.

She then tucked the top of the sock at the back of her ankle, and secured the heel in place.  

Shoppers have been going wild over a sock hack that ASOS shared on their Instagram that transforms an ankle sock into a pop sock 

The clip, which was shared by the ASOS Instagram account to their 9 millions of excited customers, showed the ankle sock transformed

Shoppers have been going wild over the sock hack, with some writing that it is has changed their life 

The online retailer shared the life hack with its 9.4 million followers on Instagram, suggesting it was perfect for those ‘caught out with the wrong pair of socks’.

The hack sees a woman transform a pair of ankle socks into a barely-there pair, perfect for slip-ons and trainers with one swift movement.

Thousands have been going wild over the hack, although some have been left divided over how practical the move might actually be.

One excited shopper wrote: ‘What kind of magic is this?’ while another commented ‘mind blown, life changed.’   

The sock hack sees the ankle sock pulled inside out over the foot to the tip of the toes, before pulled back underneath 

The sock is then dragged back along the base of the foot, and can be ‘hooked’ over the back of the ankle to create a pop sock 

The hack appears to best work with tight, thin, stretchy socks that can easily fold over. 

Thousands have been impressed by the video, with many commenting that the move would be ‘life-changing’.

Another commented:’ Hol’ up you might of just done something right there.’ 

The hack, which may work best with stretchy thin socks, sees the garment hooked onto the back of the ankle to secure it in place 

The hack leaves the sock completely invisible to the naked eye, and perfect for slip on shoes and trainers 

But others were left unimpressed, saying: ‘I’m not convinced it will stay there.’

One wrote:’ That sock is coming off on the first step. It would have been a look if they kept the socks the way they were.’ 

Another commented: ‘Great till you take one step and they slide back down into your shoe.’  

Shoppers were left divided over the sock hack, with some praising it as ‘revoluntionary’ and others suggesting it was impractical 

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