Furious resident claps back at parking complaint with passive aggressive note

Feuding neighbours had an argument about parking by sending each other passive aggressive notes.

In a posh suburb of Sydney, Australia, angry notices started popping up on lampposts.

Residents wrote letters to squabble about the narrow roads of Balmain, which have left many struggling to find spots to leave their car.

According to some, this has led to drivers using unofficial parking spaces.

One note, which was posted onto a Facebook community group, reads: “We notice that this vehicle frequently parks in this area in areas that are not designated parking spaces and often unsafe for people entering/leaving Addison street on this corner.

“Many residents on this street have challenges with access to convenient parking but we do not inconvenience the rest of the street in this manner.”

The letter adds: “Please park this car in designated spots.”

Instead of taking the advice on board, the motorist hit back.

They weren’t happy about their parking being criticised, responding: “To the person who left this note. Go and live somewhere else with a garage!

“Parking is tight around Balmain, so if you live here, learn to share it others!

"Stay safe and have a happy weekend."

So who is in the right in this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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This isn't the only passive aggressive note to go viral recently.

Previously, an irate foodie wrote a letter to a local resident who they accused of stealing their takeaway.

Meanwhile, a cheeky motorist offered a "free driving lesson" to someone who left their car parked awkwardly in the street.

And in other news, a resident was shamed for littering used condoms around their neighbourhood.

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