French Actor Judith Chemla Reveals Photos of Alleged Domestic Violence Injury, Threatens to File Third Complaint

French actor Judith Chemla posted photos of her bruised face on her Instagram account on Sunday and said they were taken a year ago after she was allegedly assaulted by her then-boyfriend Yohan Manca, a filmmaker with whom she shares a daughter.

In her emotional post, Chemla said she was finally revealing these photos because she was still being harassed by Manca, a year after the alleged incident involving Manca throwing a cell phone at her. The alleged domestic abuse occurred on June 3 near the Theatre du Rond-Point in Paris. The next day, Chemla filed a police complaint and canceled her trip to Cannes where she was expected to present “Mes freres et moi,” a film directed by Manca in which she had a role.

Following the complaint, an investigation was launched and Manca was jailed for about 10 days and was banned from visiting the 10th district of Paris where Chemla resides, as well as forbidden from approaching her, according to two sources. After a second complaint filed by Chemla, Manca was given an eight-month suspended prison sentence for domestic violence against Chemla. She is now threatening to sue him a third time, which could lead to Manca serving time in prison. Variety reached out to Chemla, her attorney and agent for comment.

Chemla has several projects lined up, including Noémie Lvovsky’s “La grande magie” and Xavier Giannoli’s series “Tikkoun” based on Fabrice Arfi’s 2018 book “D’argent et de sang.”

Here is a translated excerpt from Chemla’s Instagram post:

“A year ago my face was hurt, some blue and purple under my eye, I saw myself deformed. A year ago I looked at my face in the mirror and I knew I couldn’t turn a blind eye. The father of my daughter. Those who are capable of doing this must be put away. But how? I’m not ashamed of this photo. But he should be ashamed, he should be ashamed today, a year later, to keep putting pressure on me, to think he has leverage to keep manipulating me, instead of brainwashing my child, he should be ashamed and lay low, seek forgiveness. That’s not the case. I have so much proof that he keeps trying to harm me. Returning to the police station a third time? File a third complaint in one year? Being in the film industry and having the sword of Damocles hanging over his head of an eight-month suspended sentence… That’s not enough? I’m exhausted. What needs to happen for him to leave me alone? Go to prison for real?”


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