Forget the Great Wall of China and go exploring Europe’s equivalent instead

There’s no need to head all the way to China to see a Great Wall. Instead, why not choose a shorter (and more budget-friendly) journey and explore the Great Wall of Europe instead?

Located in Croatia, the Ston City Walls make for the longest wall in Europe, and coincidentally one of the longest defensive walls in the world.

Originally estimated to have measured around seven kilometres long, today they measure 5.5km. (And if we want to be picky, this makes them the second longest stone wall after Hadrian’s Wall).

We know it’s not quite the same as the Great Wall of China’s 21km length, but at least in Croatia you’ll be able to walk around the city walls and discover them for their entirety on a leisurely stroll.

Then it will still leave you plenty of time to explore the best things to see and do in Croatia.

Dating back to the 14th century, the walls cover the distance between Ston through to Mali Ston, in what is modern day southern Croatia.

Along the walk you’ll also find impressive features including forts, towers and bastions, not to mention the incredible views to be had of the surrounding dense green landscape.

Ston itself also makes for a fascinating trip. Nowadays it’s more of a small town rather than a city, but it’s quite picturesque thanks to its pretty churches, vast olive groves and direct access to the spectacular Dalmatian coast.

Meanwhile, foodies never fail to be wowed by the region’s impressive oyster farms.

You can easily visit Ston on a day trip as part of a wider itinerary too; it’s about a 2.5hour drive from Split, or less than an hour from Dubrovnik, not to mention there are plenty of dedicated tours around the region which include time to walk along the walls.

Looking for more quirky trips? Check out our round-up to the 10 best walls in the world.

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