Five of the most graphic allegations in bombshell Rudy Giuliani case

Forcing his employee to work naked, demanding she perform oral sex on him while on the phone with Donald Trump, and taking Viagra “constantly” are just three of the wild allegations made against former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a 70-page sexual harassment complaint.

The document, filed by former employee Noelle Dunphy, accuses Trump’s former lawyer of forcing her into sex, as well as making racist remarks.

Dunphy is suing $10 million in damages as a result of the behaviour. What are the most graphic allegations made against him?

Five of the most graphic allegations in the Rudy Giuliani case

Demanding employees work naked

The suit claims Giuliani insisted Dunphy worked from his apartment instead of in the office, where he also demanded she worked “naked, in a bikini, or in short shorts with an American flag on them that he bought for her.”

He also made “made clear that satisfying his sexual demands” was part of her job, she claims.

Forcing his employee into Viagra-fuelled profanity-laden sex

According to Dunphy, Giuliani “took Viagra constantly” and would demand sex from her by pointing to his erect penis and telling her he couldn’t work until “you take care of this”.

He would ask her to “disrobe during their work-related videoconferences”.

During sex, Giuliani called her a “c**t”, a “b***h” and “Rudy’s sl*t”. He told her he fantasied about Wendy Rhoades from Billions because “she wears all that black s**t, she’s got a whip, and an electric prod”.

Dunphy claimed her former employee demanded she perform oral sex on him while taking calls from people including Donald Trump.

Functioning alcoholism

Dunphy said Giuliani drank “all day and night”. He would make her “fetch his alcohol and make sure he was a ‘functioning alcoholic’” she claims.

He asked for “bottles of alcohol around 10:00 a.m.”

Making racist, sexist, and anti-semitic remarks

Giuliani made “demeaning” remarks about Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, the suit claims.

Dunphy also claims Giuliani made antisemitic comments including saying Jewish men have small genitalia and suggesting it’s time to “get over the Passover, it was like 3,000 years ago”.

He said “it is in their culture” for black and Hispanic men to be violent towards women.

Claiming to sell pardons for $2m

Giulianiclaimed to have “immunity” and claimed he was selling pardons for $2m if Dunphy knew anyone who wanted one.

She claims her former employee told her he was able to “break the laws”.


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