Five great homemade Christmas gift ideas

But making homemade christmas gifts can be cheaper, more personal and far less stressful.

Crafting gifts yourself certainly adds a unique personal touch.

And while it means less frantic searching for must-buy gifts, you can tweak and personalise as much as you like.

So if you're looking to spend less time in the shops, and want to give great presents while spending less money you're in luck.

We've picked out the five best homemade Christmas gifts you can give, to inspire you ahead of the day itself.

Children’s poems and paintings

Create special presents for family members easily, making happy memories last a lifetime.

Combine a fun activity for the kids with cost-cutting this Christmas by getting them to help on gifts.

Moonpig and Photobox can put their designs on calendars, cushions, and phone cases…to name just a few ideas.

Jams, beer and fudge

Turn homemade food and drinks into top presents for friends and family.

Make a big batch to really help cut the cost of your Christmas gifts, and you might have some left over for the New Year.

Wilko has kits for wines, beers and ciders, while it also stocks jars, bottles and pots.

Add ribbons, creative labels and bunting for a festive touch.

Time vouchers

Time vouchers are the simplest and cheapest presents you can give a loved one – and smart stationary and presentation really help.

They can also be one of the most personal presents, in a voucher they can redeem across the year as they wish.

Breakfast in bed, personal pampering, going out together or just being there are all personal gifts money can't buy.

Get creative, and then jut ensure you can share your time with those you love.

DIY hampers

If you don’t fancy hand-making nibbles and treats you can still save on edible gifts by creating your own hamper.

Not only can this work out a lot cheaper than shop bought ones, but you can fill them with items you know they’ll love.

The Works sell small wicker baskets for £4, as well as ribbons and tissue paper for that professional look.

Homemade Christmas gift discounts

Wherever you're shopping this festive period – and whatever you're shopping for – be sure to check for discounts to ensure you're getting the best deal. Even if you're making your own gifts, it's still worth checking to see what savings might be available.

For materials or a bit of inspiration, the following are worth a look if you're considering gettting crafty this Christmas.

  • Moonpig
  • Photobox
  • The Works
  • Wilko

Self-made squishies

Widespread on Instagram and YouTube, Squishies are a popular item in the run up to Christmas.

Yet you don't have to spend to get hold of them – instead why not make your own?

There are lots of videos and guides available, and sponge, fibre fill, memory foam and fabric paint are key.

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