Firefighters cut woman's stuck wedding ring off as her finger began to turn blue

There are many reasons a ring can become stuck, from weight gain to a hot day where your fingers swell.

It may be an easy mistake but, as you can see from these photographs, removing a ring that’s become lodged on your finger is anything but simple.

Lynn Metcalf, of Sunderland in Tyne and Wear, had to call in emergency services after her wedding ring wouldn’t come off, with firefighters saving the day and cutting off the offending accessory.

Nurse Lynn, 59, initially had a flare up of a joint condition, then started to noticed her hand changing colour – gradually turning blue.

She made multiple attempts to try and remove the ring herself, but without success was left with no option but to call her local fire brigade.

Thankfully they were able to cut the ring off with a special kit, but it was a close call.

Lynn said: ‘The watch were all so lovely and interested in helping me even though I was completely embarrassed about what had happened.

‘They were so professional and kept me entertained. I didn’t feel like I was bothering them and I want to thank them for their swift response that day.’

A spokesperson for Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service added: ‘We are so glad we were able to help get that ring off Lynn’s finger that day otherwise her job would have been impacted.

‘Our firefighters are always fantastic in these situations – very level headed and calm as not to stress out the person who is in distress.’

A stuck ring can often be dealt with at home, using a lubricant like washing up liquid or a tool like a string (which you wrap around your finger to dislodge the jewellery).

You can also try holding your hand in the air for a few minutes to reduce any swelling, or trying to cut the ring off yourself using bolt cutters.

However, if your ring is stuck and you’re noticing swelling, colour changes to your hand, or your finger feels numb, it’s time to call in the professionals.

A tight ring can act as a tourniquet on the finger, and without blood flow you may permanently lose function or have to have the digit amputated.

For Lynn, calling the fire brigade meant an awkward moment, but she potentially saved her finger with her quick thinking in asking for help.

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