Finding Rover! New App Reunites Lost Pets with Owners by Using Facial Recognition

A newly launched app has made locating lost pets a lot easier.

With Finding Rover, pet owners can simply upload a photo of their missing dog or cat and click “lost.”

The pet owner will then be asked to type in a series of basic information about their pet, which then prompts the app to scan a database of a plethora of rescued or found animals using facial recognition, which includes fur color and texture, snout length and even space between the eyes, the company explains on their website.

If someone using the app has reported the pet as found, the pet owner will see the report in the search results and will be able to connect with the person who posted the notice.

Often times, when a pet goes missing it is placed in a shelter. Because of that, Finding Rover has already partnered with a number of shelters and animal service agencies to help make sure all lost pets are accounted for.

“Through the Finding Rover app, we’ve reunited over 15,000 pets with their owners, CEO John Polimeno told ABC’s Good Morning America.

“If they can identify people using facial recognition, wouldn’t it be cool if they can identify dogs and cats?” Polimeno added.

User Kevin Villicana has experienced the effectiveness of the app first hand.

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“I was excited,” Villicana told GMA after putting his lost dog in the system. “I ran into my parents’ door and told them, ‘I found Sergeant.’”

According to Polimeno, Finding Rover has an accuracy rate of 98 percent, ABC News reported.

In addition, the app also helps pets find permanent homes. You can scan the pets available on the app under “adoptable,” or upload a photo of the type of dog you’re looking for and press search.

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