Fill up for less on your staycation with top tips for saving pounds on petrol

NOW we’re less restricted, many of us are enjoying days out and about – with staycations the next big step.

But more driving brings more costs — especially when it comes to fuel.

So here’s how to save pounds on petrol . . . 

SUPER SAVING: According to new and used car dealership Peter Vardy, filling up at a supermarket can save you £74.10 over a year, compared to ordinary petrol stations.

CASHBACK CARDS: The Peter Vardy experts also rate cashback cards for buying fuel for less.

Using a card such as Santander’s 123 account offers you three per cent cashback for each fill-up. If you bought fuel biweekly, you’d get £52.68 over the full year.

Supermarkets such as Asda also have cashback incentives on fuel, and buying it at Tesco when using a Tesco Clubcard can rack up plenty of redeemable points.

FUEL FOR LESS: Saving on pre-trip petrol is key to avoiding too many stops and too much spending en route.

I bang on about, which tells you where the cheapest petrol is in your area, because it really can add up to a big saving if you fuel up early for less.

Also, when I’m driving, I find it usually helps to fill up just off the motorway, which is nearly always cheaper.

Driving at a steady speed also slows your fuel consumption — and check your tyre pressures are correct, which can help your fuel economy too.

SLOW DOWN: Any time you shave time off your journey by going faster may cost you money.

According to the AA, if you drive at 70mph, you’ll use up to nine per cent more fuel than at 60mph, and up to 15 per cent more than at 50mph. Doing 80mph uses up to 25 per cent more fuel than at 70mph.

For example, you may arrive around 20 minutes earlier by travelling at 80mph (though that is, of course, not legal on our roads) instead of 70mph on a 200-mile trip — but you will use more fuel, despite the car running for less time.

According to experts, that 20-minute time-saving could add up to £7 extra in fuel.

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